Plano de negócio para a Associação Infocentro e Cultura Digital de Catalão – GO

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Social organizations over the years have contributed to soften the social problems in which the state alone is not able to solve them. But in order for them to work and effectively promote changes in the lives of those most in need, it is necessary to seek the resources and manage them in the best possible way. For this, the use of management tools can contribute to the administration of these organizations to overcome the challenges that require more and more professionalization. In this way, the objective of the work was to carry out a case study to verify if the business plan can help the management of a social organization in order to guarantee its sustainability. For that, the Infocenter and Digital Culture of Catalão Association (ASSINCAT) was selected, which through public policy obtained the financial resources and implemented an infocenter to promote digital inclusion in the community. According to this study, ASSINCAT is an organization whose strengths are highly qualified people, the partnership of UFG-RC, a vast field to act, but that depends on the public policies for its operation. It offers basic computer courses aiming at the qualification of labor for the labor market, arousing the interest of children, young and old to know and interact with the digital world in which many are excluded. By 2016, there were 58 courses taught and 178 students graduating. A study on the organization was elaborated regarding its operation through consultation of the documents and records of ASSINCAT. Two questionnaires were also developed and applied, one for the students and another for the teachers to know the profile, the use of the technologies and the perception of the physical, digital, human and social resources of ASSINCAT. A total of 44 completed forms were obtained from the students and 14 from the teachers, from which the results contributed to the preparation of the business plan. The results demonstrated students' satisfaction in having learned how to handle the computer and perform activities they once did not. It was also possible to verify the teachers' satisfaction of having contributed to the evolution of their students. Through the proposed business plan it was possible to verify that ASSINCAT is a viable organization and has acted with effectiveness in the digital inclusion of its user’s actions what actions are necessary to make the offered service even better and more efficient. Suggested strategies along with suggested improvements if followed will help guide your management further in improving your performance and taking advantage of opportunities so that it can continue to work and allow more people to dig into the digital universe and to transform their lives economically and socially.



Inclusão digital, Organizações sociais, Plano de negócio, Políticas públicas, Terceiro setor, Digital inclusion, Social organizations, Business plan, Public policy, Third sector


RESENDE, A. M. R. Plano de negócio para a Associação Infocentro e Cultura Digital de Catalão-GO. 2016. 165 f. Dissertação (Mestrado profissional em Gestão Organizacional) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2016.