Imagens de leitura: cenas de uma escola do campo

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This is a master's research carried out in the Graduate Program in Education (PPGEDUC) of the Federal University of Goiás - Regional Catalão, which aimed to analyze reading images from photographs taken by students and teachers of the 1st and 5th year elementary school in a rural school in the municipality of Corumbaíba-GO, in order to understand the reading scenes of each participant. Being a research of a qualitative nature and of ethnographic inspiration, the research was carried out at Colégio Municipal Santa Terezinha, which is located in Povoado Areião in the municipality of Corumbaíba-GO. Observation, photographic record, field diary and semi-structured interview with participating students and teachers were used as a methodological instrument. The present research involves the themes, reading and image / photography. In this sense, with regard to the practice of reading, whether in a historical and current context, the work is referenced in Manguel (1997), Chartier (1996, 2001), Abreu (1999), Paulino (2001), Freire (1987, 1991), among others. To deal with image reading and photographs, it is based on Manguel (2001), Sardelich (2006), Santaella (2012) and Almeida (1994). Finally, to address the theme of rural school, it is based on Arroyo (2204), Caldart (2004), Molina (2004) and Fernandes (2004). I conclude, therefore, that the research participants showed to associate reading with the acquisition of written culture, with an emphasis on reading words and syllables, especially for students who are at the beginning of the literacy process. However, it is not limited to writing, as different languages were also addressed, especially by 5th year students and teachers.



Leitura, Leitura de imagens, Escola do campo, Reading, Reading images, Country school


OLIVEIRA, I. J.R. Imagens de leitura: cenas de uma escola do campo. 2020. 192 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2020.