A institucionalização do curso de Pedagogia da Universidade Federal de Goiás em Catalão (1988-2003)

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


With the investigative question leading the research: what is the institutional configuration of the UFG / Catalão Pedagogy Course, permeated by the political and pedagogical aspects? The investigation started from the assumption that, when installed in 1988, the institutional character would be embryonic in this Course, since in the assignments, it would assume distinctive outlines, whose arrangements would take place through an “uneven and combined” process Considering the 30-year period in which the referred course was linked to UFG, we chose as a cutout the first phase in which the conditions and actions that enabled its consolidation in institutional terms were triggered. The study aimed to: analyze the institutional historical configuration of the Pedagogy Course/UFG in Catalão, through official documents and sources, conducting the analysis of political and pedagogical aspects, viewed in space and time. The direction of the study had specific objectives: to historically contextualize the Pedagogy Course at UFG Catalão, inserted in the interiorization policy of Higher Education in Goiás and in the demands for Licenciatura in the regional plan; to characterize the political, pedagogical aspects and the academic organization of the Pedagogy Course at UFG/Catalão, configured in the local context and in the relationships with sponsors; understand the configuration assumed by the Pedagogy Course in the period, tangent by the political and pedagogical aspects, which demarcated the institutional existence relations in the Catalan Campus. The Pedagogy Course was part of the second block of undergraduate courses, starting academic activities in 1988, inserted in the context of the expansion of Higher Education in Goiás, promoted by UFG in strategic municipalities, brought to light the need for teacher qualification for teaching I and II Degrees, demanded during the 1980s. In the methodological definition it is a qualitative, exploratory and analytical research, with bibliographic and documentary input. The sources produced by the qualification of the content extracted from official documents, such as: resolutions, minutes of agreements, books of minutes, reports, curriculum proposal, located in the collections of the institution. Justino Magalhães (2004), when configuring the polyphony that involves the history of school institutions, warns that one of the characteristics assumed internally by the school is its own organizational culture, notably the marks of its formation conceptions and its history. We base the discussions and results on authors such as Dourado, Ianni, Fernandes in reading the “uneven and combined” applied to institutional relations; Maingueneau and Bardin in the definition of Content from official sources and Speeches inscribed in the sources and intentions of the executed and projected action; in the reflexive epistemic exercise, analyzing the variables that configured the object in historical time and space, addressing the multifaceted character, highlighted by the movement and action of concrete subjects, registered in the sources and references, permeated by power relations, tensions, controversies and affirmations that marked this path. The institutional outlines indicate traces of the objective conditions of the course, the evidence of struggles, demarcated spaces, visions, conceptions inscribed in the speeches extracted from the sources, indicative of what materialized at the local and regional level. The analysis of the weaving of the speeches, in the records and sources, allowed a re-elaboration, within the clipping, of part of the historical course of the Pedagogy Course in the thirty years linked to UFG, in the Catalan Regional, tangent by the dialogue with the History of Education and with the Higher Education Policy in Goiás.



Institucionalização do curso de Pedagogia, Aspectos pedagógicos e políticos, UFG, Catalão, Política de interiorização do ensino superior em Goiás, Institutionalization of the Pedagogy course, Pedagogical and political aspects, Catalan, Higher education interiorization Policy in Goiás


FRANÇA, P. S. T. A institucionalização do curso de pedagogia da Universidade Federal de Goiás em Catalão (1988-2003). 2020. 163 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2020.