Infâncias e direitos das crianças na educação infantil: uma análise a partir do projeto político pedagógico

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This research is developed for Post Graduate program in Education of the Federal University of Goiás – Catalão campus, related to the Research: Educational Practices, Educational Politics and Inclusion. The research is a subject that expresses an urgency of early childhood education: the articulation between the Political Educational Project and the assurance of children’s rights, focusing on the politics implemented in the last decades and the educational practices. The goal of this research is to comprehend if the Political Educational Project is an instrument of organization in the political and educational in which reveals and effectively has a child as the subject of rights. The methodology of investigation was fundamental in the qualitative research and instrumental in obtaining the data involved, registered from multiple interviews and from outside studies. The documental analysis, we worked with official documents that focused on Childhood Education, elaborated by MEC, from SME, through the Municipal Counselor of Education of Goiania, and from Researched Institutions (Political Educational Project). The empirical research was accomplished in two phases, being that the first one was constituted by observations and data from two Municipal Centers of Education in Goiania, and the second one was accomplished by interviewing in such institutions. The theoretical reference utilized for the analysis and the critical reflection of the subject of study was created from different authors with significant production on the Educational Politics, as well as the practical education focused on childhood, such as: Ariés (1981); Charlot (1986); Kramer (1995); Kuhlmann Jr. (2001); Merisse (1997); Rizzinni (2008); Rosemberg (1989); Haddad (1991) and others. The results of this study indicated that starting on the second half of the XX century, in which the history of the childhood in Brazilian children was created, and consequently the formulation of its conceptions, it was defined by its judicial and legal system. Therefore, it’s considered that without the knowledge of childhood, children and its rights are in relation to the historical, logical and the concrete conditions and goals of political projects and educational institutions of childhood, conceptions of childhood and children, continues to be abstract. I emphasize of the necessity to comprehend the process of building early childhood education, in which will guaranty, above all, the children’s rights.



Infância, Educação infantil, Projeto político pedagógico, Direitos das crianças, Childhood, Children's education, Political educational project, Children’s rights


PIMENTEL, Fabiana Soares. Infâncias e direitos das crianças na educação infantil: uma análise a partir do projeto político pedagógico. 2014. 144 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2013.