As políticas públicas de formação continuada das professoras da educação infantil em Goiânia

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The research “The Public Policies of Early Childhood Teachers’ Continuous Formation in Goiânia” is part of the Master’s in Education of the Post-Graduation Program in Education – PGPE at Federal University of Goiás – Regional Catalão. This research aims to understand the influence of the National Public Policies on the Continuous Formation of the Early Childhood’s teachers of Municipal Education Network (MEN – Goiânia) in the period from 2010 to 2016. In this regard, it pursued to understand the concept of continuous formation to Early Childhood’s teachers in the document “Policy of Continuous Formation to the Goiânia’s municipal practitioners”. The legal framework of the Early Childhood teachers’ formative process in Goiânia was pointed by the Formation Centre. Therefore, it was established a parallel between the document “Formation’s Policy of MEN-Goiânia” and the National Policies for Practitioners of Basic Education’s Continuous Formation. It was realized with the purpose of analyze the relations and the influence between both. As methodology it was utilized the documentary research from the perspective of historical materialism dialectic. The documents that constitute the legal bases of Education in the country and in the city have been raised, among them: Law 9.394/96; National Education Plan (NEP 2014 – 2024); Law 13.005; Report CNE/CP 2/2015; Resolution CNE/CP 2/2015; Decree 8.752/2016, GOIÂNIA (1990); Municipal Organic Law of Goiânia, 1990. Revised and updated text until the Amendment of the Organic Law 051, July 12 of 2012; Official Gazette of the Municipality (OGM) 5.395 07-24-2012; Complementary Law 091/2000; Continuous Formation Policy in Network: political and educational purpose of Municipal Secretary of Education of Goiânia’s practitioners; Municipal Education Plan - MEP (2015-2025) and Resolution Municipal Education Council (MEC) 120/2016. The theoretical bases of this study are: Alves (2007), Cellard (2012), Dourado (2011), Gatti (2007), Kuhlmann JR. (2015), Oliveira (2001; 2011), Saviani (2011; 2013), among others. In concluding this research, it can be noticed that the document which guides the continuous formation of the municipal’s practitioners of Goiânia fluctuates between epistemology of preparation and epistemology of praxis. In some moments it demonstrates the presence of the certification’s culture. This document is a historical and significant step forward about demarcating and ensuring the continued formation in-service (Municipal Education Network – MEN – Goiânia) as public municipal police of continued formation. Keywords: Early Childhood Education. Continued Formation. Formation Centre. Education Public Policies.



Educação infantil, Formação continuada, Centro de formação, Políticas públicas de educação, Early childhood education, Continued formation, Formation centre, Education public policies


MORAIS, Ludmylla da Silva. As políticas públicas de formação continuada das professoras da educação infantil em Goiânia. 2018. 115 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2018.