Adaptações curriculares para alunos com deficiência intelectual: das concepções às práticas pedagógicas

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Discourse about the curricular adaptations for the student with intellectual disability and how the inclusive pedagogical practices are part of the daily life of the regular teaching classrooms is a work of great importance, since there is no current context of education, a special education in the perspective of inclusive education perpasses All school stages and a right guaranteed by law. For this reason, this research aims to analyze the accomplishment of the curricular adaptations for students with intellectual disabilities in the pedagogical practices of the teachers of Elementary School I, from a small city in the state of Goiás. We conducted a field survey between August and December 2017, in two public schools from the first years of elementary school, which we named here as: (i) Cora Coralina School and (ii) Bernardo Élis School, of the State Education Network and another of the Municipal network respectively. Eleven students with intellectual disabilities and 13 teachers from common classrooms participated in the study. We adopted methodology, participant observation, interviews and analysis of school documents. In general, our aim with these institutions was to observe how the pedagogical practices of teachers working in common classrooms in relation to the curricular adaptations for students with intellectual disabilities are carried out. To achieve this goal, we had to: a) describe the concepts of common classroom teachers about curricular adaptations for students with intellectual disabilities; and b) identify and characterize the pedagogical practices experienced by students with intellectual disabilities, focusing on curricular adaptations. The discussions were based theoretically and methodologically on assumptions of Vygotsky's historical and cultural theory. We discuss with these foundations authors such as: Capellini (2018); Oliveira (2018); Stainback and Stainback (1999); Heir (2010); Leite, Borelli and Martins (2013); Cenci and Damiani (2013); Correia (2016); Costaand Denari (2014); Felicio and Pedroso (2014); Carneiro (2015); Baptista and Haas (2015); Martins and Santos (2015); Silva-Porta, Guadagnini, Travagin, Duarte and Campos (2016); Guadagni and Duarte (2015); Sherer (2015); Silva (2015); Valera (2015); Gomes (2014); Boer (2012); Lake (2013); Fonseca (2011); Lopes (2010); Gregoris (2009); Vigotski (1995, 2007). The notes of this study revealed that teachers have appropriate restricted, superficial and insufficient conceptions regarding curricular adaptations. In addition, in the documents, archives and observations in schools, the legitimacy of called curricular flexibilizations, a term used by the State Department of Education Goiás. We have identified in some situations, innovative pedagogical practices in which curricular adaptations are being worked, mainly in the mediation of knowledge, in the signs of collaboration between the support and reference teachers, in activities, evaluations and methodology, but the curricular adaptations are organized and developed most of the time by support teachers. In general, we have seen that the school in the process of teaching students with intellectual disabilities has the essential task of directing and planning the actions and methods to acquire knowledge and development of these students, fulfilling the function of the school to be an institution imputed by the mediation between the individual and the cultural assets accumulated by humanity.



Educação Inclusiva, Práticas pedagógicas, Adaptações curriculares, Deficiência intelectual, Inclusive education, Pedagogical practices, Curricular adaptations, Intellectual disability


ARAÚJO, M. A. Adaptações curriculares para alunos com deficiência intelectual: das concepções às práticas pedagógicas. 2019. 259 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2019.