Gestão da informação em redes com servidores virtualizados: um modelo de apoio para gestores de micro empresas e analistas de sistemas

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This study aims to perform an analysis of the behavior of a Virtualized Server, implemented with Free Softwares in a Micro Enterprise, in order to establish a cost-benefit relation for this implementation, which is satisfactory and consistent with The economic and financial reality of this type of organization, presenting as essential factors for the feasibility of adherence to the product / service, increasing the level of information security and productivity control, in order to combat the misuse of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) resources possibly already implemented in the environment. For this, initially, a bibliographic study was carried out on the conditions of the Brazilian Micro Companies and the level of adhesion of these to ICT, which presented a very low level of adhesion. In the sequence, some free Softwares that could be used in the implementation of the server in Micro Enterprise were analyzed, so that the most effective ones could be listed, however, with a level of maintainability that is appropriate to the type of organization in question. After the selection of the textit softwares, a compromise was made with the Micro Enterprise in which the server would be implemented and tested. Once the tests were carried out, and the data collected were analyzed, the adherence of this type of ICT in Micro Companies is observed, since the implementation of the server did not present difficulties in the adaptation of the employees of the companies and did not represent any impediment to the execution of its actions and, on the other hand, allowed to identify the demand of resources used for each device and also some unsuccessful attempts to access improperly from devices extraneous to the Direction of Micro Enterprise, which, in a contrary situation, Would pose an imminent risk of data loss and / or information leakage. Thus, it is concluded that this type of innovation, besides being economically viable, can represent a significant improvement in the levels of information security and use of ICT resources for these organizations.



Segurança, Informação, Virtualização, Micro-empresas, Security, Information, Virtualization, Micro-companies


GONÇALVES, Roitier Campos. Gestão da informação em redes com servidores virtualizados: um modelo de apoio para gestores de micro empresas e analistas de sistemas. 2017. 152 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Gestão Organizacional) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2017.