Professores de matemática em Catalão/GO: história da profissão docente (1971-2015)

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The present study investigated how some individuals from the city of Catalão became mathematics teachers from 1971 to 2015. Taking the narratives as sources, through their respective life histories, we try to understand beyond their origins, their motivations for teaching practice, as learned their profession and what their main difficulties were. Initially we situate in the conceptual scope the experience related to the teaching practice. Next, we sought to understand who were the individuals, their histories, sources and references for the teaching of mathematics, how they arrived at the magisterium, becoming teachers of mathematics, remaining and constituting their careers, through the autobiographical narratives produced during the course of teaching. search. Finally, we seek to understand how their life histories relate to the concepts of experience and the knowledge of experience. The method of analysis used was life stories, extracted from autobiographical narratives, in which we anchor and organize events in time, build relationships, establish links, weave analyzes, give place and meaning to situations and experiences that we live (DELORY MOMBERGUER , 2011). In the results, we show in the findings that these professionals were formed from the knowledge of the experience, forged knowledge and established in the historical construction as teachers of mathematics, according to contextual circumstances that led them to assume the office and professionalization in the area. In the case of Catalão, the demand for professionals for education was made through the expansion of schools and classes, without the corresponding training of teachers for specific areas, attracting lay individuals (only basic training in the technical area) or trained in related areas. As a consequence, these professors, professionalised in teaching by experience, seeking specific training throughout the professional activity, constituted, through their respective trajectories, the identification, recognition and social place of teacher of mathematics, built in the through their own professional experience. In academic terms, the research brought to the fore questions related to professional performance and learning from the teaching experience, whose life histories, marked by circumstances and singularities, forged in time and historical spaces, showed the importance of knowing subjects, their respective trajectories of performance and professionalization. Above all, it has opportunized to demystify some labels about mathematics, as well as to highlight the commitment and identification with teaching, considered as distinctive in the process of constitution of teaching and the history of professionalization of narrator subjects.



Histórias de vida, Profissão docente, Matemática, Life stories, Teaching profession, Mathematics


RIBEIRO, Lailton Martins. Professores de matemática em Catalão/GO: história da profissão docente (1971-2015). 2019. 110 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2019.