Congadas: leituras e possibilidades educativas a partir das narrativas de professores congadeiros de Catalão-GO

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The Brazilian schools have created a daily life inspired by the Eurocentric culture, which relegated to background or even no knowledge-recognition of AfroBrazilian culture. We consider as soon as the samba, capoeira, mungunzá and many other components of this culture assume the aspects of an “underground” Brazilian folkloric. The review of this scenario begins in 70’s through social movements, which with in means the dictatorship they led to a debate on the questions, which culminate in the enactment of the law 10639/03which requires the inclusion in the official curriculum of the subject "Afro-Brazilian History and Culture". However, that insertion in general is poorly contextualized and poorly understood due to the relations established in the school which are the territorialization and-or hierarchy of themes and knowledge. In this panorama, teachers have difficulties to insert into the daily life of schools, senses and knowledge about the afro culture in addition to the spectator. In the context of these many concerns is that this study was developed. Its primary objective was to understand the catalan congada, challenges and possibilities in order to be showed in schools of the municipality according to the perspective of congadeiros lecturers. The methodology consisted of a review of the literature that allowed obtaining knowledge about the object and starting a dialogue on the subject and the analysis of the congadas narratives of congadeiros lecturers accessed through narrative interviews. The conclusion points out that the congadas are still less considered in all its potential and that congadeiros lecturers have a rich knowledge about them and point out the need for a greater effort management coming from the professionals-coordination in the sense of the congadas’ insertion. The University presents itself as a place of knowledge production and legitimate recognition.



Congadas, Professores congadeiros, Currículo, Narrativas, Congadas, Congadeiros lecturers, Curriculum, Narratives


MANOEL, D. M. Congadas: leituras e possibilidades educativas a partir das narrativas de professores congadeiros de Catalão-GO. 2018. 80 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2018.