Construção de um instrumento para avaliar as competências gerenciais de coordenadores de cursos de graduação

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The coordinator of the undergraduate program has a strategic importance for the achievement of the goals of higher education institutions. There are, however, related to the gap behaviors, competencies and duties to exercise due scientific knowledge, as there is a lack of planned actions for the development of faculty for management. Theobjective of this research is to develop a flexible and valid for measuring the managerial skills of engineers from undergraduate institutions of higher learning tool. Within ten (10) steps, this research proposes to investigate the variables of competence necessary to perform the function of coordinator course, by conducting an extensive literature search as well as list the essential skills through expert analysis, dividing them into dimensions. Data collection was developed with course coordinators of undergraduate acting in federal institutions of higher learning in the state of Goiás, UFG IF Goiás and IFG. To perform the analysis of the reliability of the results we used the "Cronbach Alpha" method, which measures the internal consistency of the construct. To check the construct validity of the cluster analysis was performed using SPSS statistical software, aimed at grouping similar items, yielding clusters of competencies. The "Cronbach Alpha" testing showed evidence of the reliability of information, in most dimensions, with ratios above 0.7. The cluster analysis showed 20 (twenty) groups, however, most of the items that make up clusters are inserted into the same dimensional reality proposed in the literature, confirming that the dimensions of the theoretical framework presented may be used. The procedures for application of the instrument have shown that it can be flexible and applicable, taking into account the specifications and requirements of each institution. course coordinator; competencies; management in teaching; Cronbach's alpha.



Coordenador de curso, Competências, Gestão na docência, Alfa de cronbach, Course coordinator, Competencies, Management in teaching, Cronbach's alpha


SANT'ANA, R. S. Construção de um instrumento para avaliar as competências gerenciais de coordenadores de cursos de graduação. 2014. 154 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Gestão Organizacional) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2014.