Estratégias de leitura nos anos iniciais do ensino fundamental I

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The study in question came out of questions related to the role of the teacher as a mediator and the use of strategies in the teaching of reading, which have been highlighted by a number of authors, such as Masetto (2000), Solé (1998), Girotto and Souza (2010); Koch and Elias (2012); PCN-LP (1997); Rossi (2005); Bortoni – Ricardo (2010); Moura and Martins (2012); Kleiman (2013); Marcuschi (2005); Antunes (2003); Bortone (2008), among others, as fundamental for the formation of students who can understand what they read in an autonomous way. It was conducted a study about the strategies used by teachers of the 3rd year and the 5th year of the elementary school of the Corumbaíba municipal system education, that aimed observe and reflect about the reading strategies that the teachers used to develop the teaching of reading, on 3 rd and 5 th year of the early years of the elementary school. The study was anchored in a qualitative research which made use of an ethnographic approach. We used, as data collection procedure, the semi-structured interview, the participant observation and the collection of the materials used by the teachers in the observed classes. The study results point that the teacher exercise a hybrid practice when, at the same time that they try to take text of different genres to the classroom and adopt strategies to motivate the students and activate their prior knowledge, before the text reading, they rely on questions of interpretation focused only in the text surface or to inculcate moral values to the students, in a perspective clearly traditional of the teaching of reading. About the strategies used in the two classes it was observed that two strategies are used in both classrooms, being them: the activation of previous knowledge and the use of inferences. Besides that, it was perceived differences related to the reading strategies developed in the 3rd and 5th year, since that the strategies used on the 3rd year are geared to the recapitulation of content that have been already worked, for students motivation related to the proposed activities and to the rereading of the statements. Regarding the reading strategies observed on the 5th year, that differ from the 3rd year strategies, it has, mainly, the activity relating to the text summary. It has also, in the speech of the teachers during the classes, a concern with the student performance in the Prova Brasil evaluation. In conclusion the teacher’s practice is affected by countless factors that go since from the educational background, passing by the educational system, that is managed by a regulatory and controlling community that, while demands higher results from teachers, don’t commit to offer them essential work conditions, until the school routine, that a lot of times makes the teacher’s work harder, making them reconcile extracurricular activities with activities focused on teaching.



Ensino de leitura, Estratégias de leitura, Professor mediador, Teaching of reading, Reading strategies, Mediator teacher


SILVA, F. S. Estratégias de leitura nos anos iniciais do ensino fundamental I. 2016. 169 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2016.