Dimensões das ferramentas de avaliação em treinamento: revisão da literatura e reflexão teórica

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The Brazilian Association of Training and Development (ABTD) has presented studies in the last decade on the growing increase in investments by organizations in training, development and education activities, mainly the evolutionary picture of organizational units that have transformed from training departments to centers of improvement of human talents and Corporate Universities, with the purpose of being instruments of integrated transfer of knowledge and innovation. This transfer integrated in the organizational context is called Corporate Education Systems (SEC) which includes three subsystems, the first being the Needs Assessment subsystem, followed by Planning and Execution, and finally the Training Assessment subsystem. The central axis of this research is the training evaluation field to identify the effects of training programs in the aspects of reactions, learning and behavior at work. In this scenario about investments in SEC, the formal educational processes brought with it the need to evaluate the effects of these activities with greater precision and strategically directed to organizational management. In this study, we sought to investigate the published scientific productions on the training assessment tools, showing what are their dimensions for an analysis of the literature review and theoretical reflection. Three scientific articles were composed in the structure of this dissertation with a multi-methodological approach, using the Integrative Review (IR), a method of researching secondary data in which the studies related to the proposed objective were analyzed to elaborate a synthesis of the knowledge produced on the theme under study. It was found that the Training Evaluation subsystem still has a long way to go in its complete development, the results obtained showed that there is a gap in the validated and systematized methodology that are the evaluation tools in training, as it was observed that the focus of the evaluation is centralized in the participant's learning, and does not integrate with the organizational strategy, resulting in a gap within the training process and the behavior in the position, therefore, it is necessary to expand the evaluation levels with the ability to obtain significant return coupled with organization's vision and mission, that is, dimensioning factors that intervene in the organizational strategy. The literature review was fundamental to think about new possibilities that guide the technological innovation of the Corporate Education System.



Treinamento, Desenvolvimento e Educação (TD&E), Sistema de Educação Corporativa, Ferramentas de avaliação em treinamento, Training, Development and Education (TD&E), Corporate Education System, Training assessment tools


GOMES, M. A. Dimensões das ferramentas de avaliação em treinamento: revisão da literatura e reflexão teórica. 2020. 79 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Gestão Organizacional) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2020.