A formação para o ensino de ciências nos cursos de pedagogia em instituições públicas de ensino superior do sudeste goiano

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Science education occupies a modest place in the curriculum of pre-primary and elementary school students even with their obligation, since 1971 many schools and teachers do not work this discipline in order to fulfill its true objectives. The reasons are varied from the lack of resources, the desired training of teachers, to the belief that it is not important. This discipline is taught at the beginning of Basic Education, usually by a multi - purpose teacher - teacher. In view of the above, the following question arose: How does the formation of pedagogues for science teaching take place in public universities in Southeastern Goiás? Thus, the objective of the present dissertation was to analyze the current state of the pedagogical training proposals for the teaching of Sciences in the Pedagogy courses of the Public Universities of Southeast Goian. For this, analyzes were made in the Curriculum Guidelines for the Pedagogy Course, PPC analyzes of the courses under study as well as the study of the subjects related to the Methodology of Science Teaching. It was also analyzed, through semi-structured interviews, the view of the teachers that teach this discipline in both HEIs, and the vision of the undergraduate students of the Pedagogy Course who had already studied the subject in 2015 and answered a questionnaire in providing us with data for the conclusion Of this. Quantitative-qualitative research was used in order to reach the proposed objectives. The research came to the following conclusion, that even though there is no greater theoretical deepening regarding the construction of the knowledge necessary for the teaching of Sciences and even with other needs for improvement, the courses of pedagogy researched form pedagogues with possibilities to develop a satisfactory teaching of Sciences In the initial years of elementary school due to the pedagogical foundations received in the course of his pedagogical training.



Ensino de ciências, Formação inicial de professores, Currículo, Projeto político pedagógico, Pedagogia, Science teaching, Initial teacher training, Curriculum, Political pedagogical project, Pedagogy


FLAVIANO, Sebastiana de Lourdes Lopes. A formação para o ensino de ciências nos cursos de pedagogia em instituições públicas de ensino superior do sudeste goiano. 2017. 128 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2017.