A inserção de tópicos de física não-linear no ensino médio: desafios e potencialidades

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Among the main problems faced by Physics teachers in the Brazilian Basic Education system are: the distance of the contents studied from the daily lives of students and the lack of materials and methodologies suitable to work topics of Modern and Contemporary Physics in the classroom. Given the need to give referrals, at least in part, the problems mentioned above, the authors of this paper sought basically to work in three fundamental points: 1) Curriculum - expand undulating physics content to cover non-linear aspects of physical systems known such as the mass-spring system, the simple pendulum, waves on a string and shallow water in order to introduce the concept of soliton and some of its applications. 2) adaptable and accessible material for topics of Physics Nonlinear - talk about the educational potential of creating a website using the tools provided by "google sites"and present disclosure page (Solitons and phenomena nonlinear) and 3) methodology - report the experiences of the discussion of topics in nonlinear physics for high school students verifying the challenges and prospects of use of a website in the classroom context of a school public high school in the state of Goiás. Thus, it is _rst introduced the subject of study by presenting the research objectives and the dissertation of the structure and then we present topics of nonlinear physics based on systems which are usually treated only in a linear fashion in high school such as: the simple pendulum (when built a pendulum corresponding to na arrangement of coupled pendula), the mass-spring system (when we study a chain of particles coupled to each other by means of springs) and linear wave equation. The study of these systems leads respectively to the equation Sine-Gordon, the Toda model, and KdV equation when they are treated in a non-linear fashion. After these equations are discussed presented their solutions 1- and 2-solitons solutions using Hirota method. After analyzing the above systems, we discuss some natural physical phenomena where solitons are present and some of their technological applications. Later we perform a review of the literature, where we use theoretical concepts to support the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in science education, and presented a website built to introduce the subjects of nonlinear Physics in high school. Then we discuss a teaching sequence designed in order to provide the use of the internet page in the classroom and the results of the didactic sequence implementation are reported in the classroom indicating that the creation and use of a website is a important tool to work subjects of Nonlinear Physics in high school to allow the use of multiple virtual learning objects and motivate the continuity of the learning process outside the classroom context.



Fenômenos ondulatórios não-lineares, Ensino de física contemporânea no ensino médio, Sólitons, Nonlinear wave phenomena, Contemporany physics teaching in high school, Solitons


ANDRADE, D. X. A inserção de tópicos de física não-linear no ensino médio: desafios e potencialidades. 2016. 105 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Ensino de Física em Rede) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2016.