Juventudes e a disciplina projeto de vida em uma escola em tempo integral de Catalão-GO

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The Full-Time High School Centers (CEPIs) started operating in the state of Goiás in 2013, and brought significant changes to the High School curriculum, including the inclusion of the subject “Life’s Project”. This dissertation aimed to analyze the meanings attributed to this discipline, in a School in Full Time (ETI), in the municipality of Catalão. The qualitative research was based on a case study (YIN, 2003), and the main sources of data production were: document analysis, observation and interviews, anchored in Bardin (1977) and Lüdke and André (1986). Initially, institutional documents were analyzed; then, a questionnaire was applied with the young people, through which we traced the profile of the students; finally, we interviewed a group of young people from the 2nd grade of high school, in addition to the teacher of the discipline. The theoretical framework is based on youth studies, especially those that dialogue with high school, full-time life and school projects, such as: Abramo (2005), Lèon (1996), Dayrell (2003, 2012), Alves (2015) and Melucci (1997); Krawczvk (2008, 2014), Arroyo (2014), Corti (2014), Ribeiro (2019), among others. By analyzing the data, we identified at least three meanings attributed to the Life’s Project discipline: a) the discipline is understood in the bureaucratic sense, focused on the product and social needs; b) the discipline is understood in the formative sense, focused on the subject and in the reflection of his needs and c) the discipline is understood in the liberating sense, allowing a moment of escape and relaxation from the stressful routine of young students.



Juventude, Projetos de vida, Escola em tempo integral, Youth, Life’s project, Full-time school


SOUSA, Michela Augusta de Moraes e. Juventudes e a disciplina projeto de vida em uma escola em tempo integral de Catalão-GO. 2020. 156 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2020.