Jovens da escola noturna de Campo Alegre: narrativas sobre trajetórias, percepções e perspectivas

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This research was developed at the EJA night school in Campo Alegre de Goiás, in order to perceive the relation of the young people to the school, as well as their attributions of how they think and live the youth in the contemporaneity. It was from the narratives of these subjects that we highlight their youthful condition and the relationships they maintain with school and work. We have seen through research already done, and through bibliographies that discuss the theme of youth, that the EJA in recent years, specifically from the 1990s, has undergone a process of change. It is the entrance of increasingly young people to the gates of the night school. Facing this, the following problem was launched: How is youth perceived in an EJA night school in Campo Alegre de Goiás? In this sense, we search in the bibliography authors who discuss the question of youth within the school (Dayrell and Carrano, 2014) and also authors who treat youth in another way as the formation of "tribes", for example, (Maffesoli, 2014). From the narratives of the youth of the EJA, we perceive the meanings attributed by them about the school, a school that, for the majority, comes to an improvement of life and future projects, and for some it is as if this space had another meaning, As a meeting point, in a city that does not always have something to do. Another relevant aspect is that this school of EJA also brings, (and this was noticeable in the interviewees' speech), that it is interesting for them to have a diploma and the sooner the better. So many opted for the EJA.



Narrativas, EJA, Juventude, Escola noturna, Projetos de vida, Narratives, Youth, Night school, Life projects


SILVA, V. V. Jovens da escola noturna de Campo Alegre: narrativas sobre trajetórias, percepções e perspectivas. 2017. 97 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2017.