Orçamento público como ferramenta de gestão no ensino superior: política de assistência estudantil na Regional Catalão/UFG e os desafios em fazer valer os direitos sociais

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The current dissertation aimed to analyze the details of the implementation of the student assistance policy at the Federal University of Goiás- Catalão Branch in the period from 2007 to 2017. It presents theoretical and effective axes in the Budget - Program budget management for student assistance. In addition to knowing, identifying the budgets foreseen and directed in that period, the student assistance policy and the permanence of students in Higher Education, we sought to analyze the laws of the Pluriannual Plan (PPA), the Budget Guidelines Law (LDO) and the Annual Budget Law (LOA) what the Federal University of Goiás- Catalão Branch, arising from the Citizen Constitution of 1998. The work presents the budgeted resources budgeted and executed in this period for this Program. In this sense, it was envisaged to know and identify the actions, the budget path, as well as the services / actions of the investments in that period. Thus, several literatures were used, especially in Social Work, Planning and Budget Management, which highlighted the challenges of implementing policies in different economic, political and social contexts of the country and the institution, making it possible to state that no public policy, projects and actions cannot be implemented without efficient institutional planning and a guaranteed budget. The need for management and executors to analyze, monitor and understand the direction of the budget for the axes established in the PNAES is highlighted, as well as to propose changes, in order to guarantee, in the agendas and discussions of the University, the entry and permanence of / students, considered an essential pillar to be guaranteed in management. The role of the University today has supported the defense of Teaching, Research and Extension and Student Assistance, therefore, it essentially involves the presence and permanence of students. Considering this context, it is stated that thinking about all the stages of the implementation of this Program-Budget requires strengthening strategies from the University, establishing services and actions to attend students inserted in the policy of permanence in Higher Education. This agenda has been defended and expanded in the Ethical and Political Project of Social Workers within the scope of education and, in this understanding, the relevance of this research is justified. It is expected that the Federal University of Goiás Regional Catalão will be consolidated as a national and international reference in the management of public resources and management in public policies in student assistance. In this way, it is understood the relevance of deepening studies on budget management, political decisions, strengthening democratic spaces with the technical team, management and the public served and social control, as well as establishing ways of managing processes, indispensable conditions in the implementation of public policies for student permanence in public higher education. It was observed that the amounts passed on to students are not adjusted to keep up with inflation, as well as the number of vacancies not expanded even with REUNI and the Quota Law that increases the number of vacancies in higher education. It is understood that the program-budget is an essential tool in the implementation of public policies and the implementation of the universal law, which is higher education for public universities and student assistance.



Orçamento público, Gestão pública, Ensino superior, Assistência estudantil, Serviço social, Public budget, Public management, University education, Student assistance, Social service


BOMDESPACHO, Laurita. Q. Orçamento público como ferramenta de gestão no ensino superior: política de assistência estudantil na Regional Catalão/UFG e os desafios em fazer valer os direitos sociais. 2020. 121 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Gestão Organizacional) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2020.