A escola Professor Alberto de Morais Holanda em Corumbaíba-GO (1989/2019): o que dizem os pais?

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The object of this research is the Professor Alberto de Morais Holanda School, located in the rural area of the municipality of Corumbaíba / GO. The present study was guided by the understanding of the school based on the narratives of the students' parents. The intention of institutional biography, through this perspective, was based on the understanding that parents are protagonists in the education and schooling of their children, and the need to hear their voices within the school institution. In view of this, we searched, in official documents, located in the school collection and in the education department of the municipality of Corumbaíba, for historical and legal records that would give us subsidies for the Historical, Cultural and Institutional characterization of the School. We tell the life stories of the narrators, based on their reports, and, finally, we analyze the Professor Alberto School from the parents' narratives. This entire interpretative process was intermediated by the studies of (Auto) Biographies, used in the construction of this dissertation. Our time frame is 1989/2019. We try to answer the guiding question, how is the Professor Alberto de Morais Holanda School constituted, based on the narratives of the students' parents? For the theoretical foundation of this study, which is located in the field of History of Education, with specificity in school institutions, we made connections with the authors, Justino Pereira de Magalhães (2004); Miguel Gonzalez Arroyo (1999); Roseli Salete Caldart (2004); Antonio Bolívar (2012); Delory Momberger (2012); Maria da Conceição Passeggi (2010); Marie Christine Josso (2004); Wolney Honório Filho (2017) André Cellard (2008). The method used was Biographic-Narrative. We sought, through the parents' narratives, the production of data, and, later, its analysis. For that, we used Bardim (2016), Bolívar (2012), Delory Momberger (2011), which made the scientific writing of the dissertation feasible.



Instituições escolares, Histórias de vidas, Pesquisa biográfico-narrativa, Narrativas, Escola Professor Alberto de Morais Holanda, Biografização, School institutions, Narratives, Stories of lives, Biographical-narrative research, Biography


SILVA, M. G. A escola Professor Alberto de Morais Holanda em Corumbaíba-GO (1989/2019): o que dizem os pais? 2020. 241 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2020