Território de reprodução da agricultura familiar: o assentamento Chico Mendes em Ituiutaba (MG)

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The present research aims to analyze and understand the process of territorialization and the family agricultural culture at Chico Mendes settlement in Ituiutaba (MG), starting from their socioeconomic profile. Therefore, it was necessary understand the importance of the State as a manager and creator of public policy in the region. Throughout the process, we realized that the public policy highlighted the grouping land and supported the landowner. Therefore, according the growing up of the conflicts and organization, the farm workers dispossessed resumed the political scene through the popular conflicts, the State in order to ease these conflicts created measures in favor of the Agrarian Reform, that consolidates with the creation of settlements. We can notice that most of the settlement created are much more results of the farm workers occupying lands and struggle of the socio – territorial movements than the result of an active government policy aimed to the interests of the disadvantaged agricultural classes. In Triângulo Mineiro/ Alto Paranaíba does not have difference, during the period of farm modernization the region received investments that help the production intensification, causing expropriation of the farmers, helping the action of the movements sócio-territorials, resulting the implantation of farm settlement, as the case of Chico Mendes. These investments favored the capitalized departments aimed to the international Market, aimed to dealing with imbalances of the country comercial balance. In the family production section, the results were negative, since a large part of this segment was exclude from the benefits offered by agricultural policy. In the 1990s with the introduction of the Programa Nacional de Fortalecimento da Agricultura Familiar (PRONAF), several transformations began to occur in the Brazilian agrarian field, among them, the dissemination of a new concept, the family farming. In order to standardize the farmers disadvantaged, in this sense, the rural settlements is now being consider family farmers and how they are included in the PRONAF dynamic. In the Chico Mendes settlement, the result of the struggling for the land in Ituiutaba (MG), the PRONAF was present as a subsidy to economic development and permanence of the families in the settlement.



Reforma agrária, PRONAF, Assentamento Chico Mendes, Ituiutaba (MG), Agrarian reform, Chico Mendes settlement


AGNOL, J. D. Território de reprodução da agricultura familiar: o assentamento Chico Mendes em Ituiutaba (MG). 2017. 156 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Geografia) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2017.