Experimentos com materiais alternativos: sugestão para dinamizar a aprendizagem de eletromagnetismo

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The job’s proposal of this dissertation consist in use experiments of electromagnetism made with alternative materials, along of exposed classes, with the intention of promote the integration theoretical-practice seeking the advance of apprenticeship of the contents, by part of the students. Therefore, it was built a manual with four experimental activities, for contain texts about the theoretical basis of each experimental activity and orientations about the building’s proceedings and accomplishment of experiments, as some questions to be answered by people who make use of, at the long of execution of the activities, in the perspective of integration’s promotion theoretical-practice. This job was realized with two classes of third year of the second grade in a School, in town Trindade-Go, it had been one class with twenty-two students and other with twenty-four. The present study was implemented during the first semester of 2016. The methodology of the datas incorporated communicate’s observations, traditional written tests, at the long of the semester, and a questionnaire of opinions by multiple choices. The educational’s product, in the form of experiments’ manual, it was produced as originate from this job, it can find ready for use by the teachers who are interested, with intention to help in the pedagogy’s practices. Among the gain results, the most impacted was all the students who participated in the activities, agreed with the experiments helped them to be better in the comprehension of the scientific’s ideas who were worked.



Ensino de física, Experimentos de eletromagnetismo, Articulação teórico-prática, Physics’ teaching, Electromagnetism’s experiments, Theoretical-practice articulation


GUEDES, L. D. S. Experimentos com materiais alternativos: sugestão para dinamizar a aprendizagem de eletromagnetismo. 2017. 82 f. Dissertação ( Mestrado em Ensino de Física) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2017.