O ensino de eletromagnetismo para alunos com deficiência visual

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The number of students with visual impairment enrolled in mainstream schools is increasing. School inclusion is based on the principle that there is a significant change in the whole system to receive these students in regular environments, to ensure learning for all, respecting the differences, and with no prejudice. Work with blind students can become a frustration for the teachers, if they believe that every student learn at the same way. So, how to teach Physics to a blind person? This issue arose when a high school enrolled a visually impaired student in a regular school. It were rethought strategies for teaching electromagnetism to this student and, from there, we started building models-tactile that facilitate the understanding of Physics concepts and better performance in Physics assessments. All the work was based on teacher Eder Pires de Camargo, great reference in this area. In addition, they tried to educate students in the class about visual impairment blindfolding them in a class where he worked the right-hand rule of the content (electromagnetism). In order to strengthen the Physics learning for the visually impaired, it was given a workshop at Simpósio Nacional em Ensino de Física (SNEF) about the how to build models-tactile. High School Teachers and / or students undergraduate and graduate were the target audience. This work is therefore a qualitative research, through description and transcription of the development of all these activities, showing that they are effective in visual impairment students’ inclusion in Physics classes. It is hoped that this material works as guide support to regular school teachers who encounter the presence of blind students and who want to ensure the learning of these people supporting them on Ethics, Justice and Human Rights.



Deficiência visual, Inclusão, Ensino de Física, visual impairment, Inclusion, Teaching physics


FILHO, M. B. M. O ensino de eletromagnetismo para alunos com deficiência visual. 2015. 127 f. Dissertação (Mestrado profissional em Ensino de Física) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2015.