Saúde mental na escola: uma análise da relação entre cultura organizacional e estresse

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Teachers' occupational disease surveys has been attracting the attention of researchers worldwide. Stress has also been extensively investigated with regard to teachers, as it affects both physical and psychological aspects, even causing the individual's disability. Some surveys are dedicated to understanding an existing relationship between the phenomena that corroborate or impair work and map these factors of the company's environments considered harmful to health, as they understand that sick employees are unable to work efficiently, and are often on leave, which damaging the entire organization. whether in public or private institutions. Thinking about this relationship between illness and work, this research aimed to investigate the stress situation of teachers from public schools in the city of Catalão and its relationship with the organizational culture of the schools of which it is a part. Participated in the research 81 teachers, effective servants of the state public network, from 4 schools. The instruments used for this survey were the Lipp's Stress Inventory for Adults (ISSL), the Brazilian Inventory for the Assessment of Organizational Culture (IBACO) and a semi-structured questionnaire for the analysis of sociodemographic data and qualitative analysis regarding the teachers' perception about the investigated theme. As a result, it was found that 83.95% of the participants were under stress. In relation to organizational culture, it was found that two schools obtained results for culture and Integration and the others obtained results for culture of Relationship. About Kendall's the Tau correlation analysis was performed between IBACO and ISSL, there was no correlation between the variables. Regarding the qualitative analysis, it was found that with regard to the stress factors of the profession, 44% of teachers consider that the factors that generate the most stress are students and parents. In relation to stress factors in the work environment, in the first place, teachers considered Management as the main stress driver. When verifying the number of teachers who considered work as a source of stress, a large number of teachers who are in the context of stress (45%) considered the work environment, that is, the school, as the main source of this suffering, which in this sense is characterized as an expressive number.



Adoecimento docente, Cultura organizacional, Estresse, IBACO, ISSL, Teaching illness, Organizational culture, Stress, IBACO, ISSL


SILVA, J. D. Saúde mental na escola: uma análise da relação entre cultura organizacional e estresse. 2020. 110 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Gestão Organizacional) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2020.