O discurso do professor acerca da disciplina de libras no ensino superior sob o olhar do sistema de avaliatividade

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Due to the regulation of Law 10.436 (BRAZIL, 2002) and Decree 5.626 (BRAZIL, 2005), Brazilian Sign Language- Libras was inserted as a compulsory curricular discipline in professor formation courses in all areas and Speech-Language Pathology course. Because this is a recent insertion of the discipline in higher education, this work aims to understand the performance of the professor of Libras in the discipline that is offered in the degrees of five public higher education institutions of the State of Goiás, through the analysis of its discourse, mainly discriminating the main obstacles and challenges found by him in the classroom practice. It is a quantitative-qualitative study, sinceit has characteristics of data collection aimed at qualitative research, such as the interview, but also uses statistical data in the analysis of the corpus. The sample was attended by nine teachers from Libras, four deaf and five listeners, who are active in public higher education in Goiás. The interviews that were based on a semi-structured script were collected. Subsequently, these data were transcribed into the Portuguese language. The computational tool WordSmith Tools Scott (2017) was used in order to allow the data to be filtered through a quantitative perspective, and the System of Assessability, as a linguistic orientator of the analyzes. This was proposed by Martin And White (2005), whose founding principle was the Systemic-Functional Language of Halliday (1994). The teachers' discourse showed that they positively evaluate the insertion of Libras in higher education, but despite this assessment, have faced serious structural and political problems with the development of the discipline. They self-evaluate as good professionals and show interest in improving their methodology for the best teaching of the language. The teachers' main challenges were the low hours of the discipline versus the large amount of content, the absence of the interpreter as a support for deaf teachers and courseware, as well as the lack of a theoretical contribution that guides the classroom under the evaluation and courseware aspect, among others. In view of the results obtained and the scarce bibliographic reference found in the area, it is believed that this research will contribute to the development of further studies regarding the performance of the Libras teacher, as well as to the improvement of policies aimed at the present discipline in higher education.



Libras, Ensino superior, Atuação docente, Avaliatividade, Libras, Higher education, Teaching performance, Evaluability


ROMANHOL, Thaysa dos Anjos Silva. O discurso do professor acerca da disciplina de libras no ensino superior sob o olhar do sistema de avaliatividade. 2018. 158 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Estudos da Linguagem) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2018.