Desvios técnicos que geram a logística reversa em uma distribuidora de medicamentos no sudeste goiano

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


To ensure the quality of the medicines that come from the supplier and go to clients, the distributors must check the quality of these at the time of receipt. At the conference during the receipt of medicines by the distributors, it is necessary to verify that the physical products correspond to those of the invoice of purchase and the conditions of transport, to see if there are damaged medicines. Not all medications received from suppliers by the distributor are in compliance. Some have problems, referred to in this study as Technical Deviations, so these medicines can not and should not be passed on to customers and must be identified as soon as possible and returned to the supplier. Technical deviations are conditions presented by the products that during the manufacturing, transportation or storage process deviated from the quality parameters established by ANVISA. But distributors face difficulties in performing reverse logistics, since some suppliers use the power of the brand and create obstacles and bureaucracy for this return, and also sometimes do not want to have extra costs, locking Processes and causing losses to the distributor. The present study aimed to identify, categorize and quantify technical and financial aspects of the deviations that generate returns in a medicine distributor. First, the work brings a theoretical reference and to achieve the objective of the study, a case study and documentary analysis of records was carried out at a medicine distributor. The Distributor provided the records of technical deviations made in the period of 2014 and 2015. Through the documentary analysis, a spreadsheet with the types of technical deviations and product name, quantity, class, lot, laboratory, price and expiration. Through the analysis were identified and characterized all the reasons why deviations were considered and generated devolution. Seven technical deviations were found: defect, lack, surplus, short validity, batch divergence, product exchange and packaging error from which its characteristics were presented. The total amount of loss found for the Distributor surveyed was R$ 914.864,57 in the studied period. A ranking of the suppliers with the highest number of registrations was presented and a Check-list for distributor of medicines identifies possible technical deviations.



Logística reversa, Devoluções de medicamentos, Distribuidora de medicamentos, Desvios técnicos, Reverse logistic, Returns of medicines, Medicine distributor, Technical deviations


SILVA, L. J. P. Desvios técnicos que geram a logística reversa em uma distribuidora de medicamentos no sudeste goiano. 2017. 63 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Gestão Organizacional) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2017.