O livro didático de língua portuguesa “ser protagonista”: uma análise de transitividade na perspectiva da linguística sistêmico-funcional

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


In this study, the main objective was to investigate how the activities propose in the text production unit in the textbook “ Ser Protagonista’ are built and structured, directed to students of the third year of high school of the regional Catalão. Data analysis were based on concepts of Systemic Functional Linguistics (HALLIDAY, 1994; HALLIDAY; MATTHIESSEN, 2004), and so on the guidelines of Applied Linguistics (MOITA LOPES, 1996, 2006, 2008; CELANI, 2000), in the purpose of understand the meanings constructed in language. The secondary objective was to analyze the processes, according to study of transitivity, system presented by ideational metafunction, which expresses the purpose of understanding the ambience and portray the perception of world of the subject. The corpus had 2,691 words, distributed between processes, nominalizations and circumstances, composing the text production activities of the textbook "Be Protagonist". The methodology counted with the analysis of the participants of the proceedings, of lexicogrammatical elements, the semantic value, the question type (MARCUSCHI, 2009), the frequency of verbs, and presented the percentage in which they appear in the statements. The processes were selected and organized in WordSmith tools, through the WordList tools, KeyWords and Concord. In this study was also observed that the proposal of the textbook for textual production is consistent with the indications of institutional documents to the school reality for the study of language, as National Curriculum Parameters, Political Pedagogical Project, and the School Development Plan0. It was conducted an exploratory research, classified, according to Dornyei (2007), as qualiquantitative and investigative. This research was directed by questions and questioning that allow for reflection about problem-issues that plague the school context and, in particular, reading, writing and understanding of the activities. The process choices in the construction of the questions pointed to the mastery of the material and mental verbs, the recurrences of objective and direct questions, and the complexity of the lexical grammatical elements in some names in the exercises. The questions that guided this research headed for a coherent answer of the proposed text production activities, in order to provide the opportunity for linguistic improvement of the student. However, other research, respect to the contents and exercises presented in the textbook, are necessary, as this is an important educational material in the process of teaching and learning.



Linguística, Livro didático, Leitura, Aprendizagem, Linguistics, Textbook, Reading, Learning


MIRANDA, Marilda Lúcia. O livro didático de língua portuguesa “ser protagonista”: uma análise de transitividade na perspectiva da linguística sistêmico-funcional. 2017. 129 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Estudos da Linguagem) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2017.