Uma proposta metodológica para a inserção de elementos de estatística como organizadores prévios em conceitos básicos de termodinâmica

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The teaching of thermodynamics, among the other contents of the curriculum of the discipline of physics, at the same time presents itself as interesting, in the aspect of arousing the curiosity and interest of the student and challenger, from the point of view of the Teaching - Learning process. especially when it comes to high school. The subject, because it has remarkable applicability in situations of our daily life, naturally arouses the interest of those who have the opportunity to know it. However, the routine commonly established in the classroom mitigates students' interest in science, whereas in most situations they are offered only problem solving of direct formula applications as a teaching methodology. In the present work we propose a didactic sequence whose objective is to enable the application of a methodological proposal, within the perspective of the Meaningful Learning Theory, for the insertion of statistical elements as advance organizers in basic concepts of thermodynamics. The proposal consists of three stages: firstly, historical aspects of the evolution of thermodynamic concepts, the inductive method and its application as a scientific methodology and, in sequence, basic concepts of statistics will be exposed. The second stage is essentially composed of three experimental activities where practical, basic concepts of statistics are introduced, namely the coin tossing of the frequency of incidence of “heads” or “crowns” results comparing these results to the theoretically defined ones; the throwing of non-biased dice where the result of the sum of the faces of two thrown dice will be computed; and the random path in two dimensions where, through randomly defined elements, a random walk - 2D is made and the results are used to define statistical quantities such as amplitude, standard deviation and variance. Following, the third stage brings the use of Java simulators whose objective is to expand the concepts raised in the second stage. Finally, it is proposed to link the concepts presented in previous activities to thermodynamic quantities according to the content mostly proposed in the Physics curriculum applied to high school.



Termodinâmica, Estatística, Teoria da aprendizagem significativa, Organizadores prévios, Thermodynamics, Statistics, Meaningful learning theory, Advance organizers


SILVA, L. F. Uma proposta metodológica para a inserção de elementos de estatística como organizadores prévios em conceitos básicos de termodinâmica. 2020. 172 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Ensino de Física em Rede) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2020.