A representação social da docência: um estudo multicasos com docentes estrangeiros atuantes em IEs públicas e privadas no Triângulo Mineiro e Sudeste Goiano

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This work, a kind of multicases study aimed to learn how foreign teachers working in public and private universities in Triângulo Mineiro and Sudeste Goiano are represented by the teaching and the profession is for them. The study is justified by the fact that it can expose how foreign teachers face the teaching of own challenges today, in addition to cultural and linguistic differences, however, in the face of these situations remains If the activity. Although considerable foreign number in Brazilian university teaching, systematic studies on the working reality of these professionals are scarce. Therefore, to understand the univers e of these teachers, the research was based on the Theory of Social Representations to subsidize what are the representation of the profession and elements that lead these individuals to identify themselves in teaching. In this sense, as a methodological resource semistructured interviews were conducted with teachers where they sought cover different nationalities, genders and areas of knowledge. Through the telling of the stories of teachers analysis categories were established to allow the point of teaching representation elements. Regarding the history of teachers, most approaches that further study was one of the factors that brought them to Brazil due to agreements signed with other countries. As the choice for teaching, the reports emphasize that the school experience, the figure of a teacher and admiration for the activity were decisive for the professional option establishing one of the first factors of social representation. Regarding the effective integration in higher education, there are teachers who have exercised the activity in their respective countries still at graduation, while others did after coming to Brazil to complete the studies. As for the work in the public and private universities note the distinction between the accounts and the significant factor of teaching of social representation. For private institutions of teacher education is what gives it greater representation, especially the work in the classroom and the relationship it has with the students. As for the teachers of public universities credited to work in the teaching-research-extension and active participation in the university as a means to see represented. Also among them, we conclude, foreign teachers find themselves recognized in the profession, which becomes a form of socialization also the working environment in their public and private universities influences the representation that give the work and social responsibility they assume.



Professores estrangeiros, Representação, Docência, IES pública, IES privada, Foreign teacher, Representation, Teaching, Public university, Private university


CAMARGO, C. A representação social da docência: um estudo multicasos com docentes estrangeiros atuantes em IEs públicas e privadas no Triângulo Mineiro e Sudeste Goiano. 2016. 89 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Gestão Organizacional) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2016.