Mediação na sala de leitura: o protagonismo dos alunos

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Reading and especially the formation of readers has been the target of intense reflection, since one of the primary activities inherent to the school is to form readers. In this sense, the present work is configured seeking elements involved in this formation and in how it is effective in the school. Based on the premises that the spaces for reading, such as the school library and the reading room (already marking that the school where the research was carried out has the space called reading room), have a formative character acting as an aid in the process of formation of readers, thus configuring itself as a formative environment, and that in these spaces reading is usually mediated by the professional who works in them, this research has outlined as a general objective: to understand the mediation process carried out by the professional who works in the reading room of a school in the municipal network of Catalonia. It was also sought not only to bring elements for understanding the process, but also to promote actions that contribute to this mediation, thus constituting a collaborative work. Specifically, the work aimed to map the elements and resources that make up a reading room and the articulations that take place in it in the process of reading mediation; to get to know the teacher in the reading room, identifying how he or she understands reading and the formation of readers, and to intervene in the process of mediation and the formation of readers. In this way, the research was methodologically constituted as an intervention research, based on the elements of action research. The instruments used in the construction of data were observations, field diary recording, semi-structured interview, conversation wheel and the realization of the action: the formation of new mediators to act in the reading room. The data constructed during the research made it possible to answer the question: How does the mediation process take place by the person in charge of the reading room and how some actions can contribute to the improvement of mediation? Theoretically, it is based on the studies of Teresa Colomer, Magda Soares, Paulo Freire, Bernadete Campello, Michel Thiollent, René Barbier, Sueli Bortolin, Rovilson Silva, Vigotsky, Elie Bajard, some MEC documents and others. The research revealed that the reading room is an active space within the school unit, it has a teacher who acts as mediator, but because the reading room is a multifunctional space, and the teacher in it does not only fulfill assignments assigned to the position he occupies, the mediation process is limited. In this sense, the interventional action has been configured, training students as mediators to accentuate the mediation sessions in order to involve the school community and thereby collaborate with the training of readers.



Sala de leitura, Mediação, Alunos mediadores, Professor da sala de leitura, Reading room, Mediatio, Reading room teacher, Mediating students


NASCIMENTO, R. R. Mediação na sala de leitura: o protagonismo dos alunos. 2020. 144 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2020.