O trabalho docente e o sentido de ser professor no contexto da educação infantil

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This research is the research of teaching in the context of early childhood education. The study is guided by the historical-cultural perspective and has as main objective the identification and analysis of the relationship between meaning and meanings present in the design of the teachers of a CMEI Itumbiara-GO, about the teaching profession. Unfold from the general objective of this other three specific objectives: a) to identify and analyze the design of teaching these teachers; b) identify and analyze the meanings attributed to human nature (child) to be transformed by the teacher during the teaching activity; c) collate the relationship between teaching and the identity of the professor of early childhood education. The research is developed by historical and dialectical materialist approach, in which the production of data used as a semi-structured interview procedure, attended by four teachers of Municipal Education Center - CMEI the city of Itumbiara-GO. Talked about the paths surrounding the production of scientific knowledge, and then, on the human constitution from human vital activity - that is, work - taking as guiding the categories of universality, sociality, freedom, nature and man's consciousness; later, was about the development of teaching about the prospects of this activity, taken as vital activity. Data analysis relates this activity now the redemptive movements, well, the preparatory activities. The data also showed strong presence of dichotomies in the concepts associated with teaching, concepts that link to dissociation between theory and practice, as well as the binomial care-educate. When we verify the understanding of teachers about the child, we saw a ideation ahistorical, which sprouted a naturally good and authentic child, a concept that suggests childhood fetishization us from the child's own individuality fetishization.



Trabalho docente, Alienaçao, Humanizaçao, Teaching, Disposal, Humanization


SILVA, B. R. O trabalho docente e o sentido de ser professor no contexto da educação infantil. 2015. 166 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2015.