Formação continuada como pilar para construção de uma proposta político pedagógica curricular para a pré-escola de Ovidor-GO

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The theme of the present research is a choice that gained prominence by the empirical experiences from work and study during the Graduation, Specialization and that is now materialized in the Master in Education. What has been discussed regarding the theme of continuous education for Pré-school teachers, revolves around the defense of quality care to young children and continuous education as an appreciation of the teaching career. There is a concern about the recognition of the specificities of this stage of education, including the strengthening of Early Childhood Education as the first stage of basic education, and therefore the need to reflect the best way to organize it in the issues of continued professional training, curriculum, institutional evaluation and other issues pertaining to the quality of education offered. That way, rather than the concern to serve, care is presented to guarantee the quality of this service. This research is entitled: Continuous education as a pillar for the construction of a Curricular Political Pedagogical Proposal for the Pre-school of Ouvidor-Go. It has as a general objective: To investigate the process of continuous education at the Pre-school in the municipal educational system in Ouvidor-Go. In order to reach the general objective of this research, we have chosen three specific objectives: I - To evaluate the continuous training of the Pre-school team at the municipal educational system of Ouvidor-Go; II – To demonstrate how continuous education allows the re-elaboration of some components, such as content, form and recipient (MARTINS, 2013) and III - to point out possible paths for the construction of CPPP through the continuous training of teachers. The targeted audience for the research is the professional team of CEMEI’s Pre-school Ana Ramos dos Santos from Ouvidor-Go, professionals who work with children in the age group of 04 and 05 years. It is a qualitative research and bibliographic survey and observation of continuous training meetings were used to construct data aiming to apprehend the object here researched. Nineteen meetings were observed and, of these, 08 meetings were audio-recorded generating our database, alongside the notes of the field diary. The meetings observed allow us to conclude that this process of continuous training really allows the re-elaboration of some components. However, we emphasize that this re-elaboration does not take place in a linear way, it is a slow, sometimes unstable process and several issues can make this action difficult in the group. Whereas it is an activity that demands a lot of study and dedication, we conclude that the systematization of CPPP needs more than the continuous training meetings, since as presented in the analysis we could observe obstacles throughout the entire training process that was observed, such as intervals between meetings being longer than expected, the discontinuity of the team in modulations each year, among other observed issues. Parallel meetings apart from the ones designed for formation would be necessary to carry out specific activities that would generate the material necessary for the systematization of this document.



Pré-escola, Formação continuada, Pre-school, Continuous training, Currículo, Curriculum


MARTINS, A. O. S. Formação continuada como pilar para construção de uma proposta político pedagógica curricular para a pré-escola de Ovidor-GO. 2018. 87 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2018.