A medicalização do fracasso escolar nos anos iniciais do ensino fundamental

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The present research work is concerned with the medicalization process of Education, more specifically the medicalization of school failure and how this has been considered in the educational environment. This study aims to understand the conceptions of the teachers of the initial years of elementary school about the process of medicalization of school failure in the light of Historical-Cultural Theory. The research area was an institution located in a city in southeastern Goiás that attends the initial years of elementary school. The study participants were five teachers from the first, second and third years of the municipal public education network, with whom a semi-structured interview was performed as a data production tool. We clarify that the choice of the theoretical framework adopted is justified because it treats the development of the individual as a contextualized process that considers a series of aspects with which the subject dialogs, or rather, deals with the human development related to the historical and cultural aspects . Initially we carried out a bibliographical survey in digital databases such as Capes, SciELO, Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations and Working Groups of ANPED Nacional about the theme researched in the last eleven years (2005/2015), in view of the concern to perceive how it has Been addressed in the national academic scene in recent years, and then we set out for field incursions. The study is divided into three chapters. Firstly, we present the understanding about the development and learning processes as considered by the Historical-Cultural Theory, to then deal with the process of medicalization of Education. Subsequently, we explain the methodological course of the research, the choices, as well as the discussions regarding the information produced. Finally, we bring the analysis of the material produced through the following categories: "Teaching conceptions: dilemmas in school work" and "School failure and its different developments: what teachers think." More specifically, we approach the conception of the teachers about the Medicalization of School Failure and its relationship with the context in which they are inserted, as well as with the schooling process, seeking to make an analysis with the Historical-Cultural Theory and references about failure The study. We perceive that the teachers' knowledge about the medicalization of school failure does not present itself in a contextualized way and related to the systematized discussions that consider and conceptualize in a reflexive way the problems in the schooling process. We reiterate that empirical research, in this context, enables the participating teacher to establish relationships that have not been aroused before, opening the possibility of understanding the educational context and the process of medicalization of school failure, properly said in a logical and unified way. In this sense, we bring the contributions of the Historical-Cultural Theory to the understanding and critique of the problem of the medicalization of Education. The research is expected to contribute to the expansion of the number of studies and discussions on the issue in the area of Education, highlighting the importance of the problematization of conceptions about school failure and medicalization in initial and continuing teacher training.



Educação, Medicalização, Fracasso escolar, Teoria histórico cultural, Education, Medicalization, School failure, Cultural historical theory


ALVARENGA, Rejane Abadia de. A medicalização do fracasso escolar nos anos iniciais do ensino fundamental. 2017. 136 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2017.