Enfrentando o silenciamento: as mulheres no ensino de história

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This report seeks to introduce the process of the elaboration and preparation of the Special Section entitled FACING THE SILENCING: the women in the History teaching, developed during a professional Master in History, at Federal University of Goias, in the region of Catalao. This material was produced and prepared from the research about the topic “the women’s absence on textbooks”, which triggered a serie of questions and discoveries, creating the perception of the need for a textbook elaboration from the research, supporting the transformative and innovating teacher’s work. Therefore, we sought to associate theory into practice, and thereby, to propose a material that was a result of academic research, that was an educational intervation on the History classes. It is important to note that to seek a transformative education it’s one of the central elements in the academic’s theoric production, and, to acchieve a work that correlates the theoric analysis with educational practice has developed close links with university x school, a extremely essencial dialogue. In this process we used a diverse bibliography about history teaching, historic conscience, textbooks and another resources, women’s history, feminism, among others fundamental issues to the research development. Author’s like Jörn Rüsen, Paulo Freire, Circe Bittencourt, Isabel Barca, Michelle Perrot, among others, were important for the theoretical fundaments for the developement of this report. The whole process of the report and Special Section development came together with a self criticism by my educational practice, through all of my teaching years in the city's and state municipal education system, in Goiás. The final product of this reports is a result of a insistent search for the gender’s equality promotion through History teaching.



Material didático, Ensino de história, História das mulheres, Didactic material, History teaching, Women’s history


FERREIRA, J.K.P. Enfrentando o silenciamento: as mulheres no ensino de História. 2016. 137 f. Dissertação (Mestrado Profissional em História) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2016.