Currículo de geografia da educação de jovens e adultos da rede estadual de ensino de Catalão (GO)

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Marked by a trajectory of uncertainties and neglect of the public power, the Education of Youths and Adults (EJA) was recognized as a modality of education based on the Law of Directives and Bases of National Education (LDB No. 9.394 / 96). In Goiás, the EJA Guidelines were published in 2013, which set out the content, thematic axes and learning expectations for each of the disciplines, which originated the Reference Curriculum of the State Educational Network of Goiás (single curriculum), an instrument that, aiming at the heterogeneity of the public, whether by age group or in economic, social and cultural aspects, must be elaborated to meet these specificities. With the purpose of ensuring the effective application of the curriculum, institutional instruments of control were created, such as bimonthralization of contents, the Administrative and Pedagogical System (SIAP), the Recognition Program (subsidy) and state external evaluations. In view of this scenario, the main objective of this research is to analyze the Geography Curriculum of the State Educational Network of Goiás and its effectiveness in relation to the needs of this. Regarding the specific objectives, we highlight: understanding the process of historical constitution of the EJA in the national and state context; to investigate the curricular proposals of Geography in the Federal and State scope directed to the Second Stage of the Elementary School in the modality EJA; to verify the relationship between the bimonthly curriculum and the didactic book of Geography, for that we use as methodology the bibliographic study. In order to deal with the teaching of Geography in contemporary times and the formation of Geography teachers, especially for the EJA, we use theoreticians such as Freire (1997, 1999, 2002); André (2001); Pimenta (1999); Machado (2008), based on authors like Santos (1998, 2000, 2006), Straforini (2008), Carlos (2007), Cavalcanti (2008), Vesentini (2008), among others. To understand the trajectories of the EJA in Brazil we base ourselves on Haddad and Di Pierro (2000); Romão and Gadotti (2007); Gadotti (2009); Di Pierro (2010); Viegas and Moraes (2017). In addition, documentary research was also carried out with special attention to the Curricular Matrix of Goiás of the second stage of Elementary Education of the EJA. The aim of this research is to contribute to studies in the area of ​​curriculum and geography teaching for adolescents, youth, adults and the elderly, especially in the State of Goiás in front of the implantation of the bimonthly curriculum, emphasizing the importance and value of teaching work.



Currículo, Geografia, EJA, Ensino fundamental II, Goiás, Curriculum, Geography, Elementary school


SILVA, A. L. Currículo de geografia da educação de jovens e adultos da rede estadual de ensino de Catalão (GO). 2019. 108 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Geografia) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2019.