Setor sucroenergético em Goiatuba (GO) e a dinâmica da Associação de Fornecedores de Cana (AFC)

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The reserch aims to understand the act of capital in Goiatuba territory through changes ocurred in the city as a result of sugar-energy sector arrival and how AFC (Sugarcane Suppliers Association) influenced the socioeconomic dynamic of this process of territorialization. The first station installed in the city was Goiasa in the mid 1990s. In 2006, it was created AFC (Sugarcane Suppliers Association to Bom Sucesso Station). The association was created from the merger of 16 landowners whose main objective was escape from economical monopoly of grains and to have a productive alternative. Therefore, after an approval of Goiatuba municipal power it was done an invitation to Farias group so that they would settle down to a sugar-energy unit in the city. With this, in the year of 2010 it was started in progress Bom Sucesso station. Functioning, both stations installed in Goiatuba’s territory make the city one of the most sugarcane productors in the region. With this, all productive dynamics involving the sugar- energy bring splits that caused concerns subsidizing the development of this research. How had happenned the process of sugarcane in the city? What are the forms of access to land realized by the station? What was the paper of AFC in the plant installation trolleys and the access to land? To answer these questions, the research used the qualitative and quantitative method, in order to realize the interpretation and tabulation of resulting data from theoricals and documentals researches, it has been searched foundation in authors like Bunde (2017), Matos (2011), Mendonça (2004) e Pessôa (2013). It is used to raise, sites that the researcher used as IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), IMB (Mauro Borges Institute), UNICA (Sugarcane Industry Union). After it has proceed to fieldwork in order to concretize the theorical part of the research. Upon the synthesization about informations it was possible to connote territorial transformations and socio-spatial dynamics changes in the city. Another remark realized is about landlords dominant role in the region, where the union of 17 agricultors was responsible for installation of one sugar-energy company in the region. Fact that causes questions launched throughout the research and that will still be future research study. Sugarcane Suppliers Association had an overwheight paper to dynamic of sugar-energy sector in Goiatuba, which is confirmed by researches and realms realized to research consolidation. Where it was possible to connote the articulator paper of Association between Rural businessmen and Station and between the Station and Rural businessmen. Shaping and brokering in contractual forms of land access.



Setor sucroenergético, Goiatuba (GO), Reestruturação produtiva, Associação AFC, Territorialization, Sugar-energy sector, Goiatuba (GO)., Productive restructuring, Association AFC


ALVES, A. S. S. Setor sucroenergético em Goiatuba (GO) e a dinâmica da associação de fornecedores de cana (AFC). 2019. 133 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Geografia) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2019.