O conflito pela água na Bacia Hidrográfica do ribeirão Samambaia, Catalão (GO)

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The Samambaia Stream is located in the municipality of Catalão (GO). In addition to serving the riverbank population in their various activities, since 1974 it began to be used for water capturing and public supply to Catalão town. According to IBGE (2015), in 1970, Catalão population was no more than 30 thousand. However, currently it accounts with 98.737 thousand inhabitants. Faced with this population growth and among other demands for 40 years, a few has been invested and made properly for the environmental improvement of the Hydrographic Basin of Samambaia Stream. The environmental recovery program applied in 2004 denied the riverbank population participation and restricted the seedlings plantation in Permanent Preservation Areas (PPAs), without any concern with its the maintenance. In September 2014, the Catalão town's High Public Power faced many difficulties in public water supply. This agency by means of the Municipal Water and Sewer Superintendence (MWSS) entered with a precautionary measure request to the Judiciary, which was granted to implement the sealing of irrigation pumps and the obstruction of all forms of water catchment from riverbank population. The achievement of this measure, among other actions, has unfolded in an expressive conflict between riverbank population and Catalão town’s High Public Power. Thus, this work had as main aim to understand the water resources’ management in Brazil, as well as to understand the conflicts for water and its appropriation and expropriation in the riverbank population's territory of the Hydrographic Basin of Samambaia Stream in Catalão (GO), in 2014. Concerning the methodology, it was prevailed by two research stages: the theoretical and documentary research. Among the literature, stands out the authors: Orlando (2005), Campos and Fracalanza (2010), Scantimburgo (2013) and others. In regard of the documents: The Lei Federal no. 9.433, which establishes the National Policy for Water Resources and the losses' collection of riverbank population's productions due to sealing of their water catchment pumps and dam breakage. Finally, it is considered that a public administration that ensures water quantity and quality to the present and future generations still poses as a great challenge in current Brazil. Besides, about the conflict for water in the Hydrographic Basin of Samambaia Stream, it is undeniable the inability of the Municipal Public Power of Catalão town in dialogue and recognize the importance of riverbank population in water management activities.



Gestão e conflito pela água, Poder público municipal de Catalão, Bacia Hidrográfica do Ribeirão Samambaia\Catalão (GO), Management and conflicts for water resourses, Basin of Samambaia Stream\Catalão (GO) Universidade Federal de Goiás- Regional Catalão, Municipal public power of Catalão town, Riverbank population


MARQUES, G. P. O conflito pela água na Bacia Hidrográfica do ribeirão Samambaia, Catalão (GO). 2016. 142 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Geografia) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2016.