Análise da paisagem do distrito de Santo Antônio do Rio Verde, em Catalão (GO)

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The transformation of the Cerrado landscapes has occurred, more intensely, since the 1970’s, due to technological advances and expansionist and internalization government policies in Brazil, giving the Domain an agricultural predisposition through agribusiness. The exploitation of natural resources resulting from the unsustainable use and occupation of land has generated several environmental impacts and part of them, discussed in this research, are in the Santo Antonio do Rio Verde district in Catalão (GO). The current analysis had as methodology the geomorphological studies carried out by Ab'Sáber (1969), to evaluate how the relief and the type of soil, together with the various technologies in machinery and inputs, allowed the vigor of soybean and corn cultivation, especially in this area. Remote Sensing and Geoprocessing techniques were used for the elaboration of geological, geomorphological, pedological, hypsometric, land use, image chart and agricultural suitability maps, as well as documentary, bibliographic research and field visits. Threats to the paths, erosion, siltation of watercourses, loss of biodiversity, water compromise by contamination and supply of central pivots are just some of the numerous problems detected in the District. In addition to agriculture, which predominates almost half of the total area, other land use classes raised are pasture, forestry, urban area, Cerradão/Gallery forest, Cerrado, exposed soil and pivots. The recovery of already degraded areas is urgent, and the conservation/preservation of those still surviving the excessive invasion of agribusiness. The lack of efficient supervision, coupled with unregulated agricultural practices, severely compromises the Cerrado biogeographic system, with consequences on larger scales, requiring proper planning and practices that reverse the real situation.



Paisagem, Cerrado, Agronegócio, Impactos ambientais, Santo Antônio do Rio Verde, Catalão, Goiás, Landscape, Thick, Agribusiness, Environmental impacts


MELO, M. P. Análise da paisagem do distrito de Santo Antônio do Rio Verde, em Catalão (GO). 2019. 144 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Geografia) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2019.