Programa institucional de bolsas de iniciação à docência, formação de professores e a constituição da identidade docente

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The purpose of this study was to analyze the contributions of the Institutional Program of Initiation Scholarship to Teaching (Pibid) in the scope of undergraduate courses of the Federal University of Goiás (UFG), Regional Catalão (RC), for initial formation and identity formation teacher. Specifically, we aimed to: characterize the organization and operation of the Pibid UFG-RC subprojects; Analyze the meanings attributed by the students to the Pibid; And to verify the role of the said program for the formation and the constitution of the teaching identity. The qualitative research involved 145 scholarship recipients (ID) from the UFG-RC. For the data collection, first, questionnaires were applied to 145 fellows, and then semi-structured interviews were conducted with 24 of them. For the analysis of the collected data, we used the Discursive Textual Analysis, developed by Moraes and Galiazzi (2007), which allowed the production of meanings from the organization of the sense units. The results of the research indicate that the structure of the Pibid, by guaranteeing the financial grant, allows the IDB scholars to spend more time dedicating themselves to the studies, making them more involved and committed to the initial formation process, which ends up contributing to the permanence in the course , Reduction of school dropout and strengthening of teaching as a professional career. It was also verified that the entrance into the Pibid, still in the beginning of the graduation, because it is linked to the basic school, allows the scholars to know the students in their contexts, as well as to participate in the planning, and then to identify spaces and strategies Methodologies for each moment. In addition, there is an advance of the same ones with regard to the production and socialization of works in scientific events. The attendance at school has been space and time of action, in order to indicate how the pedagogical work should be organized. In addition, it is a place of reflection. ID scholarships make a constant comparison of the internship with Pibid, linking this program to the actions of greater time in the school, and understanding that it provides a more effective dialogue with the school administrators, and consequently, it promotes greater articulation between university and basic school. In relation to the internship, the scholars consider that there is no interaction between the management group and the students of the university; There is therefore no space and time. However, the ID grantees do not consider the time, nor the pedagogical, personal and financial structure that is offered by the Pibid. ID scholarships understand that the relationship between theory and practice, in general, is not one of cleavage between theory and practice, or of dependence on theory for the development of practice. In addition, fellows are aware of the instability of the teaching career, as well as the privatization policies in the area. Even so, the Pibid contributed to them if they affirm in the professional choice of the teaching, although they feel uncertain about the future in this race. Considering that the Pibid provides in one of its objectives the valuation of teaching, it is necessary to rethink the value of the financial scholarship, as well as the expansion of the attendance to the undergraduate students. It is important that public policy makers in the field of teacher education know the influence of these policies on students' personal, academic and professional lives. Finally, it is concluded that the Pibid has contributed to the development of the ID grantees in the process of initial formation and the constitution of the teaching identity.



Pibid, Formação de professores, Identidade docente, Organização e funcionamento, Teacher training, Teacher identity, Organization and operation


SANTOS, Marília Rita dos. Programa institucional de bolsas de iniciação à docência, formação de professores e a constituição da identidade docente. 2017. 221 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2017.