Ensino de história e o teatro universitário brasileiro: uma proposta com Carcará: não vai morrer de fome do Corpoencena da UFG/RC

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The investigative intention is to elaborate a theoretical-methodological proposal for teaching history in high school, from the analysis and systematization of creative processes with immanent literary, theatrical and audiovisual sources, the production of the “Carcará: will not starve” staging performed by Grupo Corpoencena of UFG / RC, which are inserted in the context of artistic- cultural movements of resistance to the Brazilian military dictatorship in the 1960s of the twentieth century. The text is staged in three acts, demarcated by the following scripts: In the first act we describe the History of the Corpoencena; We situate Carcará as a production of Corpoencena; We narrate about the motivating sources; We mark the montage and present the Festival and Colloquium. In the second act we investigate the immanent literary, theatrical and audiovisual sources the production of the staging, especially those that make up the Brazilian university theater scene. In the third act, we dialogue with authors of the area and the notes of curriculum educational policies, which guide about dealing with cross-cutting, multicultural and interdisciplinary themes; We carried out the systematization of a theoretical-methodological proposal for the teaching of history. We used as methodology to analyze the sources of inspiration composed by the literature, visual arts, music in composition with the performing arts: Death Life Severina (and scenic montages); of digital painting Di Cavalcanti - The Retirantes of Cândido Portinari, of the song “Carcará” in the context of Teatro Opinion and Grupo Barbatuques. And the research data found in field diary notes, audiovisual records (photos and videos), as well as articles and scholarly work. We hope that this proposal can somehow help and inspire teachers from the field of history and other areas to carry out collective work, adding knowledge and overcoming challenges, scarcity and existing differences at a time when we are fragile in the hope of hope for change. in political conjunctures and social relations.



Educação, Ensino de História, Teatro universitário, Carcará: não vai morrer de fome, Education, History teaching, University theater


BORGES, Michele Christine. Ensino de história e o teatro universitário brasileiro: uma proposta com Carcará: não vai morrer de fome do Corpoencena da UFG/RC. 2019. 102 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em História) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2019.