A docência universitária na perspectiva do professor enfermeiro

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This master thesis has as fundamental principle the relationship between Nursing and Education, two areas of knowledge that substantiates the training of the nursing teacher, so that this research aims the university teaching of the nursing teacher. Thus, the guiding questions of this research are: How does the nurse become a teacher? How does the nurse teacher relates to the university teaching? Based on these questions, this study has the following objectives: to understand, from the perception of surveyed nurses, how they became teachers; analyze the nurse's entry into higher education teaching; and check, from the perception of the surveyed teachers, their teaching practices. For this, qualitative research was used, which led to a literature study of Nursing and Education, specifically considering the historical context and the legislation of the two areas. As far as data collection is concerned, a field research was conducted in two public higher education institutions, besides the selection of research subjects - ten nursing teachers - to carry out a semi-structured interview. In the data analysis, were listed four categories, which were the following: identification with teaching from experience; the relationship between theory and nursing practice in teaching practice; the pedagogical foundation and the identity of the nurse teacher, who brings as subcategory the casualization of teaching. As a result, this research pointed out as important factors in the nursing process to become a teacher: the experiential knowledge; the theoretical / practical knowledge in Nursing; the theoretical / practical knowledge in Education and training of teacher identity in the course of two activities, nurse and teacher. Such factors show that the nurse teacher turns into university teaching through a gradual and continuous process, starting in their family and school experiences, and goes forward at the university, when he directs his actions to research and monitoring. The internship and residency in hospitals schools, even as a student, appear as motivational experience for the future nursing teacher. Postgraduate courses contribute as an important source of knowledge for the development of their teaching activities. However, we find that is in the development of teaching activities that the nurse teachers see their professional identity and proceeds to relate to university teaching as a professional committed to the ideals of education, as well as with the educational process of young nurses.



Docência universitária, Educação, Enfermagem, Professor enfermeiro, University teaching, Education, Nursing, Nurse teacher


SILVA, S. S. O. A docência universitária na perspectiva do professor enfermeiro. 2015. 133 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2015.