Mudanças do mundo do trabalho: a apropriação dos espaços e da subjetividade dos/as trabalhadores/as da montadora Mitsubishi Motors Company do Brasil na cidade de Catalão (GO)

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The spatial transformations inherent in the Productive Restructuring movement have provoked a deepening of social relations, especially in the relations of the world of work. Concomitant to the reorganization of the production model of goods, one notices the establishment of "new" forms of labor relations. These, based on the principles of polyvalence, multifunctionality and labor flexibility, imposed by the capitalist market, this intensification, besides strengthening the contradictions proper to the capitalist system, established a "new" frontier of appropriation of the generic being that works. In this sense, the transformations provoked profound changes that, in 1 Mitsubishi Motors Company do Brasil spite of the intensification of the dispute, imposed on the working class body an individualized point of view. The worker, now under the expanded dynamics of production, becomes an integral part of the production process beyond the factory environment. The appropriation of the worker in different levels, among which it is worth highlighting; The appropriation of the subjectivity of the worker, aiming to strengthen the social control necessary for the perpetuation of the system transfigured the relations redefining the old limits of appropriation of the generic individual that works. Thus, this research developed in the pillars of geographical knowledge establishing a close dialogue with other arias of knowledge in the light of the work theme. The productive restructuring of capital, with the adoption of territoriality / territorialization / re-territorialization and the flexibilization of social relations and labor, among other factors, made it necessary to materialize this research in this field of research. The worker of the vehicle assembler MMCB has been subjected to a work regime superior to the time defined by the point clock. The adequacy imposed by the Productive Restructuring movement imposed on the worker the extended reproduction, carried out outside the work environment. The workers, besides complying with an extensive work routine, should seek to minimize the possibility of being fired, through the continuous professional qualification, that besides limiting the professional possibilities dociliza the worker to the necessity of the company, the social life is appropriate in view that The socialization environments are all in the orbit of the labor activity. Fear in a global, precarious and unstable world of work is present in every moment of the worker's daily life. It is on this field of research that it is proposed to carry out this research. Seeking to achieve, among other objectives, to unveil the facets of the capitalist system in the quest to overcome the limitation of the body and time appropriating the cognitive capacity of workers beyond the space of the factory floor. In this sense, we present this research, as part of the project that seeks to seek contemporary foundations to understand the world of work



Trabalho, Apropriação, Precarização, Subjetividade


SANTANA, E. B. Mudanças do mundo do trabalho: a apropriação dos espaços e da subjetividade dos/as trabalhadores/as da montadora Mitsubishi Motors Company do Brasil na cidade de Catalão (GO). 2017. 125 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Geografia) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2017.