Sociedade, cultura e identidade em Vidas Secas, de Graciliano Ramos e Os Magros, de Euclides Neto

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The scope of this research is to identify how the identitary formation and transformations of the characters are articulated in the novels Vidas secas (1938), by Graciliano Ramos and Os magros (1961), by Euclides Neto, which depict the changes of identity faced by oppressed and marginalized human beings, as their practices and experiences in society. In the setting depicted by Ramos, the arid hinterlands in the decade of 1930, a time when Literature sought to denounce the social contractions of various Brazilian regions, especially the Northeast, emerges precarious conditions of life bounded by the climate work and social relations of inequality, exploitation and oppression. As for the period depicted in Os magros, the decades of 1950 and 60, still shows the Northeast region, but focusing on the cocoa production in the South of Bahia, where social problems in the region is highlighted. These periods of time establish a dialogue, in the sense that they reveal the exploitation of man by man in the Brazilian field and the way each character identifies himself/herself along the plots according to their social experiences. For the analysis of the formations and transformations of identity in the course of each season and space this study uses reflections on identity, culture, language, territorialization and deterritorialization, among others. The issues that moved the research stems from the question about the ways in which it is represented the experiences lived by the characters in situations of extreme poverty, the breakdown of their ways of life, of growing process of exploitation at work and social oppression. The methodology used was the bibliographical research, in which stick to both texts and contexts, both the authors and the works, both to the themes and issues regarding the ways in which they were produced.



Vidas secas, Os magros, Sociedade, Cultura, Linguagem, Identidade, Society, Culture, Language, Identity


FERREIRA, Juliana Cristina. Sociedade, cultura e identidade em Vidas Secas, de Graciliano Ramos e Os Magros, de Euclides Neto. 2014. 159 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Estudos da Linguagem) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2014.