O efeito dos atributos dos mercados na escolha de investimentos

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Behavior Analysis is one of the scientific fields that has dealt in a diversified way with the concepts related to the behavior of the individual, and that has produced studies that can allow the understanding of the choices in investment scenarios. Two articles were produced to investigate the effect of the independent variables, market attributes and rate of return on the invested value. The objective of study 1 is to analyze the effect of market attributes on the choice of Investments. While study 2 seeks to respond to the limitations presented in article 1, it aims to verify the effect of rates of return on the choice of investments together with the number of attributes of the markets, verifying the influence of these variables on the behavior of choice. The research was carried out with 48 university students who were divided in 2 groups with 24 participants each, combined with the independent variables. For the accomplishment of the experiment was programmed a Software, characterized as Invest 1.0, specific for the study. Through the software it was possible to simulate two Markets for investments, A and B, presenting in them four sectors: Bank, Electric, Mining and Oil. The results obtained in study 1 show that the preference of the participants was greater for the market that presented more attributes, even when the market did not present a return. With the exception of the Bank sector, in Group 2, where the participants followed the rate of return and not the attributes, contradicting the function of the number of attributes as reinforcers. While in study 2, it was found that in general the number of attributes together with the return determined the preference of the participants, but some participants presented inconsistent results, pointing out loopholes for later studies that seek to solve them.



Preferência de escolha, Número de atributos, Taxa de retorno, Análise do comportamento, Preference of choice, Number of attributes, Return probability, Behavior analysis


BRASILEIRO, S. H. S. O efeito dos atributos dos mercados na escolha de investimentos. 2018. 53 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Gestão Organizacional) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2018.