Uma experiência com o ensino aprendizagem de estatística durante a pandemia: percepções e desafios

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This work describes a research carried out with students of the third grade of high school, from a public school in the state, located in the city of Goiatuba - GO, which aimed to: verify the perception of students in the teaching-learning process of mediated content technologies during emergency remote education. For the development of the research, eight synchronous virtual classes were carried out using, as support, several technologies. At the end of the classes, a semi-structured questionnaire was applied in order to verify, in the student's view, satisfaction with the skills related to the content of statistics taught with mediation of technologies during remote emergency teaching. In view of the results, it can be noted that the students showed a preference for synchronous virtual classes as a transmission tool and, with respect to the skills related to the content of statistics, demonstrated some difficulties in applying the concepts in solving problems. It was also notable, the low adhesion of students to synchronous virtual classes. Therefore, a new research was carried out, through a survey, with the objective of investigating which social and economic context the student is inserted in, as well as the existence of material and technological limitations and which are its relations with the teaching-learning process during the emergency remote education. In view of the results obtained, it can be noted that there were several aspects, such as housing, economics and technological accessibility that influenced the low adherence of students to virtual classes during remote teaching, limiting the teaching-learning process during this period.



Pandemia covid-19, Ensino remoto, Estatística, Tecnologia, Fatores socioeconômicos, Pandemic covid-19, Remote teaching, Statistic, Technology, Socio-economic factors


DIAS, F. F. Uma experiência com o ensino aprendizagem de estatística durante a pandemia: percepções e desafios. 2021. 130 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Matemática em Rede Nacional) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2021.