Avaliação ambiental, à luz da legislação, da bacia do córrego lagoinha em Uberlândia-MG. 1979/2017

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The research had as an objective to accomplish an environmental evaluation of me microbasin of Lagoinha Stream in the southern sector of Uberlândia (MG) through the occupation of its margins due to the urban expansion and suggesting a better and ordered planning around Lagoinha, since it is important for the balance of the microbasin. The preservation, recovery and/or the revitalization of areas of streams and rivers is of great importance to assure the availability of water resources. With the growth of the urban area it was possible to notice the necessity of preserving not only permanent preservation areas of the microbasin, but also the areas where there’s still native vegetation. Thereby it was possible to verity through the comparative analysis that the areas of natural vegetation suffered a decrease to give place to the formation of urban areas. It’s possible to verify severe that the problems of environmental degradation of this stream are directly associated to building processes, to the development of the city, its different options of economic politics which influence directly the conformation of the space in several ways of living and the relations among the different activities of the city. The trash disposal in its margins, the erosion due to the impermeability in areas close to the stream, invasion in APP areas, for dwelling, pasture and even agricultural use and the plumbing of parts of the stream, were problems found in the microbasin. Therefore, each problem presented in the course of the research is followed by mitigation measure of easy understanding, but that faced resistance or from the public power or the community itself. Furthermore, the preservation of the riparian forest, the use and occupation of the land in a proper way, the effluent piping for treatment inside the sanitation facilities, the eradication of erosive processes from anthropic or natural origin, an efficient and proper planning, the creation of a linear park with leisure and recreation areas, are pertinent and normalized solutions.



Córrego Lagoinha, Planejamento ambiental, Uso e ocupação da terra, Degradação, Recursos hídricos, Lagoinha Stream, Environmental planning, Use and occupation of the land, Degradation, Water resources


GONÇALVES, F. Avaliação ambiental, à luz da legislação, da bacia do córrego lagoinha em Uberlândia-MG. 1979/2017. 2018. 98 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Geografia) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2018.