Concepções de "interdisciplinaridade e educação do campo" de professores de ciências da natureza e matemática das escolas de ensino médio do campo do município de Rio Verde - GO

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The last decades have been marked by intense transformations in the world and in the organization of the societies that have repercussions in the diverse scientific areas, especially in the educational thought. The emergence of a new world order characterized by globalized markets would require, according to some scholars, individuals with high levels of qualification and social adaptability and even if they have the skills and competencies to carry out activities according to market demands. The school therefore needs to find new ways to learn and establish relationships between the disciplines, between what is taught and what is learned, since society itself has demanded professionals who are increasingly competent and who are able to deal with the challenges everyday. Much has been discussed about the curricular changes in the Brazilian educational system, both through curricular guidelines and through reformulations as in the case of the implementation of the National Curricular Common Base - BNCC. School curricula, therefore, need to be related to the students' experience, for this change in the Brazilian educational system is necessary - interdisciplinarity, although not new in education, has been a tempting proposal in order to break with the fragmentation of knowledge caused by a positivist epistemology. A teaching proposal aimed at integrating contents through the relationship between the different fields of knowledge, replacing the fragmentary conception of knowledge with a unitary conception, overcoming the dichotomy between teaching and research, and having teaching-learning centered on a vision from which we have learned throughout our lives. Interdisciplinary teaching provides much more inclusive and meaningful learning. The field education is a modality of teaching that aims at a work in the interdisciplinary perspective, requires the integral formation of the subject, the curricula therefore, must be adapted to the local reality, valuing what is part of the students life, focused on the reality and specificities of people of the countryside. This research was justified by the need to investigate how the interdisciplinary practices are thought (and if they are thought) from the statements of the teachers of the Natural Sciences and Mathematics and pedagogical coordinators in the public schools that offer the Teaching Medium in the Field of the municipality of Rio Verde - GO. With the main objective of identifying the concepts of "Interdisciplinarity and Field Education" of the professors of the Natural Sciences and Mathematics of the secondary schools of the field in Rio Verde-GO, besides examining the Educational Policies and Guidelines for Secondary Education from Camp; to verify the relations of the pedagogical work of the professors of Sciences of the Nature and Mathematics "of and in the field from the results; to identify possible challenges and limitations for an interdisciplinary practice in the disciplines of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, from the results. The methodological approach used includes a qualitative research having as main instruments of data collection, semi-structured interview, questionnaires and document analysis. There are seventeen participants, twelve teaching staff and five pedagogical coordinators. The results of the research indicate the lack of preparation of teachers and pedagogical coordinators in the adoption of interdisciplinary practices and the lack of adequate training necessary to the demands of the Field Education. There are numerous challenges pointed out by the research participants in the implementation of pedagogical practices among them, lack of time to plan collectively, in the field education, some of the obstacles pointed out so that the education directed to the rural people really materialize, are - specific teacher training and curriculum appropriate to the reality of these peoples. The research contributed to highlight the conception that teachers and pedagogical coordinators have regarding "Interdisciplinarity" and "Field Education."



Interdisciplinaridade, Ciências da natureza e matemática, Educação do campo, Ensino médio do campo, Interdisciplinarity, Natural sciences and mathematics, Field education, Field high school


MORAES, Renato Pereira de. Concepções de "interdisciplinaridade e educação do campo" de professores de ciências da natureza e matemática das escolas de ensino médio do campo do município de Rio Verde - GO. 2018. 143 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2018.