Irmandades de pretos: edição e inventariação lexical em manuscritos goianos do século XVIII

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This research is a philological and lexical, in that from the facsimile edition of the manuscripts of the books of Commitment of Black Fraternities "Arraỹal de Bomfim Comarca de Goỹaz”, current city Silvânia-GO, and of "São Joaquim de Cocal", which was on the border with Tocantins, perform editing semidiplomatic these documents under the apparatus of the standards suggested in Megale and Toledo Neto (2005). Then, from the perspective of lexical Biderman (1981, 1986, 2001), Vilela (1995), among others, inventoried the lexis that particularize these two black communities of the eighteenth century. Thus, the inventory was extended to nouns, adjectives, adjectival phrases, since the aim is not to investigate a whole class of words, but what the lexical unit can load direction regarding Brotherhoods. Then, based on considerations of field lexicon Coseriu (1977) and Geckeler (1976), we organized the data into lexical fields in order to relate them according to the composition of each section. In the analysis of the field, we understand how black associations were organized, what the purposes of its creation, as well as their relationship with the Church and the Crown, institutions that allow their creation, regulating them. Grounded the discussions about the history and culture expressed in the lexical items of Black Fraternities of Goiás, authors such as Russell-Wood (2005), Loyola (2009), Borges (2005), among others, in addition to the dictionaries of the time as Bluteau (1712-1728) Moraes and Silva (1813). This support aimed to clarify the lexis typical of their context of use and of that time, who currently may have won an extension of meaning, or fallen into disuse.



Irmandades de pretos, Edição filológica, Inventariação lexical, Campos léxicos, Goiás., Black Brotherhoods, Edition philologica, Inventory lexical, Lexical fields, Goiás.


SILVA, Luana Duarte. Irmandades de pretos: edição e inventariação lexical em manuscritos goianos do século XVIII. 2013. 440 f. Dissertação(Mestrado em Estudos da Linguagem) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2013.