História de vida, história local, formação do pensamento histórico: experiências na utilização de projetos no ensino de História

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This research aims to introduce pedagogical experiences with disciplinary projects, through documents, searching to reflect on the sources for the research, teaching and learning. The projects are realized in the schools where I am a teacher of the discipline history, whose aim is the study of the documentary sources such as oral history, which is seen as a source of knowledge production and reconstruction of individual and collective memories, so that we can think in the students and in the study of the local community. Take care of the memories of the local community from personal documents, photographs, personal objects and, especially, of orality, as sources to the construction of knowledge in the classroom and development of historical thinking. The methodology with projects aimed at the same time, research and teaching, because the students were able to rebuild your life story, as well as the memories and pictures of weddings of the community with which they coexist. To do this, we worked with the concept of time, in order to show the notion of temporality present in these subjects and the perceptions of the time lived. The work with the methodology of projects was proposed with the intention of students can establish relations of time and space, understanding changes, transformations and stays in your own way of life and of individuals in different spaces, with activities of everyday life, where the history happens. So, we got to make them understand that they are builders of your history time. We worked two projects: First, History of my life, with two classes: The first of sixth grade, with nineteen students. In the school Escola Municipal Dorvalino Fernandes de Castro, in the municipality of Orizona, that is located in the rural area, about twenty-five kilometer of the city. It was practically the same class of the Project History of my Life, being that little students left or arrived of others schools. It had sixteen students. The research was divided into two moments: the first deals with the discussions about the documentary sources that based the realization of the projects; and then, worked the practice developed in the classroom, with use of projects such as research, teaching and learning. Finally, we made a pedagogical proposal, through the methodology of class, to be developed with students in the ninth grade of elementary school, about memories of the survivors of Second World War. The data for this activity already had been collected in previous researches.



Experiência pedagógica, Ensino de história, Projetos escolares, Documentos, Pensamento histórico, Pedagogical experience, History teaching, School projects, Documents, Historical thinking


OLIVEIRA, M. A. G. P. História de vida, história local, formação do pensamento histórico: experiências na utilização de projetos no ensino de História. 2017. 91 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em História) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2017.