Programa de revegetação na área da bacia hidrográfica do Ribeirão Samambaia em Catalão (GO):diagnóstico 2003 – 2015

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The State of Goiás, in the region dominated by the Cerrado Biome, has undergone an intense occupation, structuring of development policies and government investments since the 1930s. Since then, public policies have prioritized the internalization of Brazil, with the construction of Goiânia (1930s) and Brasilia (1960s) increased the production and flow of agricultural products in the region. In this context, the municipality of Catalão did not escape this process of expansion of the agricultural frontier, and with this the region suffered and undergoes still profound transformations, mainly of socio-environmental nature. The present study has as main theme the Revegetation Program carried out in the area of the Ribeirão Samambaia Basin, in the municipality of Catalão (GO), from 2003 to 2015, whose objective is to analyze the effectiveness of this Program in order to diagnose possible mitigating actions in the Riparian areas of the watercourses that make up the catchment area. The interest for the discussion of the theme arose due to the fact that, in the municipality of Catalão (GO), the use and occupation of the soil, due to the socioeconomic transformations have influenced the recent urban growth and expansion, subjecting the Ribeirão Basin Samambaia to the alterations resulting from the parceling of the soil and the creation of infrastructures, leading the urban meshwork over these areas with consequent population densities, resulting in the suppression of the primary vegetation remnants, including the riparian environments along the banks of the courses. water. Through field research, in the Ribeirão Samambaia Basin area, it is noted that there has been an increasing process of environmental degradation and the consequent restructuring of landscapes. For the accomplishment of the research, procedures were adopted that obeyed the sequence: theoretical, field and laboratory research. The present work studies the Cerrado Biome and its main characteristics, being of fundamental importance for the balance of the other Biomes. The Cerrado Biome undergoes profound environmental transformations, mainly in the phytophysiognomies of forest formations, especially the Matas de Galerias. In this context, in the area of the Ribeirão Samambaia Hydrographic Basin, Catalão (GO), there is intense land use and occupation, where soil has been gradually modified, both by urban and rural activities, through the practices used to modernize Field and consequent planting in large areas and urban growth. The water basin is mainly responsible for the public water supply of the city of Catalão, which is under the responsibility of the Superintendency of Water and Sewer of Catalan (SAE) and Rural Communities of Area of the Ribeirão Samambaia Basin, in 2003, started a Revegetation Program, implementing vegetation recovery techniques in the basin area. Through the indicators that measure the stage of development of the seedlings, canopy formation and natural regeneration, it can be concluded that the results obtained in this study allow to demonstrate that the positive effectiveness of the Program occurred, but it was not possible to observe a well delineated planning and monitoring For this work and this compromises the continuity of the recovery process of the area. As a result, it is necessary to review the Revegetation Program implemented, seeking to renew its techniques and adapt them to the current reality that lies in the watershed areas of the Basin. The different recommendations can serve as reference for general application, taking into account the need to observe the particularities inherent to each location.



Cerrado, Bacia do Ribeirão Samambaia, Programa de Revegetação de Mata de Galeria, Catalão(GO), Thick, The Ribeirao Samambaia Basin, Gallery Forest Revegetation Program


FERNANDES, R. V. C. Programa de revegetação na área da bacia hidrográfica do Ribeirão Samambaia em Catalão (GO): diagnóstico 2003 – 2015. 2017. 177 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Geografia) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2017.