Dimensões organizacionais da Universidade Federal do Pampa: uma análise qualitativa da estrutura multicampi

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This essay aims to examine the prevailing organizational dimensions in multicampus model of the Federal University of Pampa and its 10 campuses demonstrating that the The dissertation aims to analyze the prevailing organizational dimensions in multicampi model of the Federal University of Pampa and its 10 campuses, where the differentiating element of physical and territorial dispersion is articulated in shaping organizational dimensions of this model, unlike located in a single County. To scope of the proposal, a qualitative research was conducted by studying integrated single case, whose purpose was the multicampi model of university organization. The analysis was organizational level; the data collected techniques guided in the literature; official documents and statistical data. For data analysis, we used the documentary analysis and interpretation model, combining theoretical propositions with guiding questions of the study. They set up criteria guided the conceptual theoretical basis and weighted with similar research studies. In the analysis of the work breakdown structure, it stood out as characteristic of the studied model, structuring the university, and the campus as the operating core of the organization, different from the traditional model, structured in academic units. In the aspect of the organizational complexity of multicampi model analyzed by the campus number, UNIPAMPA is among the most complex in the country, consisting of 10 campuses, while the average of federal universities is up to 05 campuses. The spatial dispersion characteristic is present, with significant distances between campuses and the rectory; 142 to 448 km. The vertical differentiation of the structure through the university hierarchy indicated by the composition of the dome positions: rector, vice rector, pro-rectors and directors campuses, and academic and administrative coordinators campus. The differentiation of the horizontal structure, there standardization for all UNIPAMPA campuses. The integration mechanisms acting to conform the organic character of multicampi model proved to be fragile. Decentralization of power in top decision-making bodies is characterized by the representation of college campuses, not academic units, as traditional models. It was found that there are organizational dimensions of multicampi model that distinguish it from traditional models, still behind features of structured models as indications of the 1968 university reform, evidence of the need for further study of the predominant model and little explored in studies of Brazilian university administration .



Universidade multicampi, Estrutura organizacional, Administração universitária, Multicampus university, Structure organizational, Management of university


NEIVA, S. A. P. Dimensões organizacionais da Universidade Federal do Pampa: uma análise qualitativa da estrutura multicampi. 2015. 132 f. Dissertação (Mestrado Profissional em Gestão Organizacional) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2015.