Estudando na cidade eles querem o quê? Sentidos de escolarização no assentamento Olga Benário de Ipameri-GO

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The arrival of some students from Olga Benário Settlement to a public school in Ipameri – GO - occurrence which motivated this research – was responsible for initiating this inquiry with the purpose of analyzing how the formative processes faced along the fighting for land relate to the sense of schooling developed by the residents from this settlement. The qualitative and participant features of this research carried the locus of study to the reality of the settlement, where researcher and researched were able to interact in situations which generated data. The field activity, composed by an initial data collection gathered when visiting the families, allowed a broadened view of the reality investigated, as well as the location of possible subjects to participate in the second stage of research, which was composed by Focus Groups, with the objective of using data triangulation to analyze some empirical data collected during the first stage of research so to deepen the perceptions of the residents regarding the sense of schooling of their children, and also their expectations and future projections. Three of the focus groups engaged in interactive activities with the purpose of giving voice to the subjects investigated. Two sessions took place so to collect possible convergences and divergences between the two representative segments detected at the exploratory stage: The MST (Movement of Rural Landless Workers) and the ASPROAB (Association of Small Farmers from Olga Benário Settlement). The third session, performed with students from the settlement, established the subjects’ perceptions and schooling experiences. The theoretical framework which guided the paths, discoveries and analyses of this research took in consideration the thoughts of Paulo Freire (2002; 2003; 2007; 2014), Miguel Arroyo (2009; 2011), Roseli Caldart (2012), Boaventura de Souza Santos (2010), David Harvey (2011), Jadir de Morais Pessoa (2007), José de Sousa Santos (2010) and Milton Santos (2010). Standing out in between the results is the evidence of two distinct and contradictory perceptions regarding the sense of schooling. The first understands the settlers’ schooling as a formative option which enables the adaptation and insertion of the subjects in the market dynamics of the society. The second understands schooling as a disservice which deprives youngsters of productive interactions inside the settlement, leading them to eventually abandoning the field and dissipating the dreams of conquest and permanence on the land. A third conclusion draw from an analysis of the research indicates that none of the subjects’ conceptions meets equivalence in the urban schooling available to the young settlers.



Escolarização, Movimento social, Assentamento Olga Benário, Schooling, Social movements, Olga Benário settlement


FERREIRA, R. Estudando na cidade eles querem o quê? Sentidos de escolarização no assentamento Olga Benário de Ipameri-GO. 2015. 221 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2015.